Many of us would have lost our cellphone, and we weren’t able to remember where we forgot it. In such cases or if you want to find the location of the cell where it is or was last active, you can send some signals to the mobile through towers. Today being the world of GPS, the signal will come back with the device’s exact location. If you have misplaced your cellphone and not sure how to ping your phone to find the location, then here is the solution for you.

How to Ping a Phone to Find the Location?

Reason for Pinging a Cellphone

  1. Mainly it is used to locate the devices which you misplaced.
  2. Used in defense and Police departments in order to keep a record of the location of people.
  3. Parents who would like to know the location of their children.
  4. You can also use it to find those who did prank calls.

Under normal circumstances Tracking someone is illegal that affects other’s privacy. You need special permission to do so. Or else you may end up in serious trouble. Remember, even if you start doing it for fun, it will end up in severe consequences.

Different Ways to Ping a Phone

1. Location Tracking Software

Google Maps - Ping a Cellphone to Find the Location

Have you ever heard of Google maps – The one behind all the customized recommendations? Yes, it is one of the best examples of Location Tracking Software. Yet other examples are Life 360, Safe 365, Family Locator, GPS logger, etc. Make sure to enable the GPS with the exact location or else this method goes in vain.

Gain Access to the Phone in this instance with your Gmail ID and Password. Then Go to Google maps >> Settings >> Share Location >> Let Friends Know where you are >> Get started >> Share your real-time location. Choose whether it is for an hour or until you turn it off. You can select who can receive your location details and go.

2. Location finding Apps

The most modern and easy way to find your cellphone in which GPS is turned off is to use apps like “Find my Phone” on any iOS device or Find My Device for any Android user. Log in with your credentials and track it down. Instead of the device, you can always trace sim using True caller which gives the Sim ID and location.

3. The traditional Method

Ping a Cellphone to Find the Location through service provider

The traditional method is to contact your cellphone service provider and ask them to Triangulate the signal to find the location of the device. All your cellphone service providers will now about your whereabouts. You can contact the customer care and after the basic verification about your identity, but that is a complicated process and requires legal permission for the company to provide you details.

4. Using Windows Command Prompt

Windows command prompt IP configuration

Your cellphone has its own IP address just like your computer. This is a complicated one and requires lots of technical knowledge. Press Windows + R then type “cmd” to bring the command mode. Type “ping and complete IP address” of your cellphone. You can now get a reply from your mobile phone. But this method is just to ping it won’t give you the location. You can just find whether your mobile phone is turned on or not.

5. When Mobile is switched OFF

No, you cannot find the current location but you can find the location where the cellphone is last active. Once switched off, the device will stop interacting with the network.

Remember you cannot track location when,

  • The cellphone is switched off.
  • It is in the Airplane Mode.
  • If the cell phone settings do not support.

So these are the few methods to Ping a Cellphone to Find the Location. Again remember you can ping cellphone only if you have access. Or else, never do it at any cost as it will lead to several consequences.

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