Xbox gaming consoles are the best selling gaming consoles right now. In Xbox, you need to buy games from the Microsoft Store or game portals. For that, you need to choose payment options and payment details like credit card number, debit card, and so on. But the credit card we use will expire and we need to update or remove the old credit card from the Xbox account.

Most of the high-end games for Xbox needs to be purchased. The major selling point in Xbox, Xbox Game Pass is an auto-renewal service. So, using our credit card is the best way to subscribe to it. In your Xbox account, you can delete your old credit card and update the new payment information any time you want.

How to Remove Credit Card from Xbox?

In your Xbox account, there are two ways to delete the credit card information.

  • Using Website
  • Using Console

Remove Credit Card From Xbox: Using Website

(1) Take your smartphone or PC and go to the Microsoft sign in website.

Microsoft Sign In

(2) On your Accounts page, click the Payment & billing option.

(3) Under Payment & billing, choose the Payment options.

(4) Now, scroll down and find your credit card information.

(5) Click the Remove button.

Remove Credit Card From Xbox

(6) On the confirmation screen, confirm your selection. After confirmation, you can no longer use this credit card for further purchases in Xbox.

Remove Credit Card From Xbox: Using Consoles

(1) On your Xbox One Console, press the Xbox button.

(2) Go to System –> Settings –> Account –> Payment & billing option.

(3) Now, all your payment options will appear. Choose the credit card payment that you want to remove by clicking the Remove button.

Remove Credit Card From Xbox

(4) On the confirmation screen, click the Yes, Remove button.

Don’t forget that when you use a credit card, all the auto-renewal subscriptions will be charged for the next cycle unless you cancel it manually.

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These are the two ways that can be used to remove the credit card information from your Xbox account. To avoid deleting these, use only one payment option for your Xbox purchases. If you use more than one, you might end up in confusion about which one to keep and which one to delete.