Activity trackers have made life simpler and better. Fitbit is the next most popular option after watchOS. It can track everything from activity, sleep, exercise, food, and weight. Fitbit is equipped with unbeatable technology and helps you get fit in all ways possible. For any reason if your Fitbit tracker fails to respond, then resetting is the best option. Factory resetting the Fitbit tracker resolves most of the issues. However, the steps to reset Fitbit trackers differ for each model. Hence we thought of guiding you for all the models in brief.

How to Reset Fitbit?

Resetting Fitbit smartwatches differs with respect to the model you are using. You will find the reset procedures for all of them in the below section.

Reset Fitbit Versa Models

The reset steps given below will work on Versa original, Versa 2, and Versa lite models.

1. On your Fitbit Versa model smartwatch, swipe left to the Settings icon to select it.

2. Navigate to the bottom to select About option.

3. Click on Factory Reset.

Try Hard Reset!

If your Fitbit Versa models aren’t responding, then go with hard reset.

  • Original Versa – Hold the three buttons down for about 10 seconds or till the Fitbit logo appears. Release the bottom right buttons while still pressing the top two buttons. If you get a strong vibration, the reset process is successful and the smartwatch would reset.
  • Versa 2 & Versa Lite – Hold the only button available on these models until the device reboots. Release the button when you get the Fitbit logo for one or two seconds and hold it back until you get the vibration.

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Reset Fitbit Flex & Fitbit Flex 2

Resetting the Flex models requires the following things. Make sure you have them handy and then proceed with resetting steps.

  • Flex charger
  • PC with USB port
  • Paperclip

1. Firstly, remove the pebble from your Fitbit Flex band.

Reset Fitbit Tracker

2. Now, insert the pebble into the charging cable.

3. Plug the Flex charger into the USB port of your PC.

4. Look for small, black hole on the pebble and put the paperclip on it.

5. Further, press and hold it for 3 second and then remove the paperclip.

6. Wait for Fitbit Flex to proceed with the resetting process.

Note: If Flex 2 isn’t working after reset, then you shall seek help from the customer support team.

Reset Fitbit Charge & Charge HR

Go through the below process to reset the Fitbit Charge and Charge HR models. Make sure you have the following to proceed.

  • Charging cable
  • PC’s USB port

1. Connect the charging cable into the Fitbit tracking device.

2. Then, attach other end of the cable into USB of your PC.

3. Look for a button, press and hold it for about 2 seconds.

4. While still pressing the button, unplug the tracker from charging cable.

5. Hold the button for up to 7 seconds and release it.

6. Press it back and hold it until you see ALT and then then the screen flashes. Release the button.

7. Once again press the button and release it when you get vibration.

8. Press it again and let go of the button if you see ERROR.

Reset Fitbit

9. Proceed to hold the button again and release it when you get ERASE.

10. With this the device will turn off and turn on the device.

Reset Fitbit Ace & Ace 2

This will wipe off the data. If you have Ace 2 models, then the steps given below will help you reset your it.

Important! The original Fitbit Ace models don’t support resetting it. So, you will only be able to disconnect the device from your account.

1. Connect the charging cable into the USB port of your PC or any other USB wall charger.

2. Plug the other end of the cable into the port of the tracker available at its back.

3. Launch Settings app and navigate to click on Clear User Data option.

4. When prompted, press the screen for about three seconds.

5. If vibration occurs, then the data has been wiped off.

Fitbit Blaze, Surge & Iconic

If you have Blaze, Surge, and Iconic models, then there is no way possible to reset it. However, you can remove the tracker from the Fitbit account and ask for the phone to forget the Bluetooth device.

1. Visit the official page of Fitbit by navigating to

2. Login to your account and from Dashboard, select Fitbit device name.

3. You shall need to navigate to the bottom of the screen to click on Remove This Fitbit (Blaze or Surge) From Your Account. Press OK.

4. On your phone, select Settings and choose Bluetooth.

5. Select your device and click on Forget this device.

Note: Those using Fitbit Iconic models have to click on Settings to choose About and tap on Factory Reset.

Fitbit Charge 2 & Charge 3

Factory resetting Charge 2 isn’t possible yet it supports soft reset. However, Charge 3 supports hard reset.

On Charge 2:

1. Connect Charge 2 tracker to charging cable.

2. Press and hold the side button until it vibrates and shows Fitbit logo.

On Charge 3:

1. Go to Settings option and select About.

2. Choose Factory Reset or Cleat User Data.

Reset Fitbit Alta & Alta HR

Alta and Alta HR models don’t support the factory reset process. For now, the device data can be removed. The steps involved include

1. Launch the Fitbit app and click on the Profile icon.

2. Select Devices option and choose Fitbit Alta or Alta HR.

3. Click on the Trash icon to disconnect the tracker from the account and erase the data.

Reset Fitbit Zip

There is no way possible to hard reset the Fitbit Zip tracker. However, you can resolve the issues.

1. Look for the battery door and open it to remove Fitbit Zip battery.

2. Wait for 10 seconds and then reinsert the battery.

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There comes the end of this session. If you have any questions to ask us, then comment us below.