Tracking fitness and health is done better with the smartwatches or wearables. They are actually replacing the need for smartphones and provides the most accurate details. It includes heart rate, step count, calories burnt, and more. Garmin is a noticeable smartwatch brand that has a line up of activity and sports & outdoor watches. While it seems to function better mostly, it might not work at times. It includes slow performance, unresponsive, and more such issues. To fix them, you can try resetting it. Almost all problems get resolved by resetting the device to default factory settings. Check out this below section to learn about how to Reset Garmin Watch.

Reasons to Reset Garmin Watch

For the following reasons, Garmin Watch users can opt to reset:

  • If you want to restore the device factory default settings.
  • If your Garmin Watch went frozen or not responding.
  • If your Garmin Watch won’t turn on.
  • If your watch isn’t receiving the satellite signal.

Things to Consider

  • Resetting the Garmin watch will permanently remove activity history, courses, waypoints, routes, tracks, and more.
  • It will also remove all your data and customized settings.
  • It will remove all the apps that you have installed.

Tip! Before the reset, update the Gamin Watch to the latest version (if available). It may clear the basic issues.

How to Reset Garmin Watch

If you want to reset your Garmin watch, then follow the below-mentioned steps:

Master Reset

Keep your Garmin watch turned off and proceed with the steps given below to master reset it. To turn off the watch, press and hold the Light key.

Important Note: In addition to the outdoor watches, this method will work on Garmin Forerunner models like 735, 645, 935, etc. Also, it works on Garmin Fenix 3, 5, 5s, 5x, etc.

1. Press and hold the Back or Lap button.

Reset Garmin Watch

2. While still holding the button, power on your watch.

3. When you get a Clear user data message, gently release your fingers from the Back or Lap button.

4. Tap on Yes to master reset the Garmin outdoor watches.

5. When the reset is successful, the watch will power on and get into the setup process.

Note: Try the procedure once again if the Garmin watch doesn’t turn on. If the master reset doesn’t work, then proceed with the Secondary Master reset.

Secondary Master Reset

Like the previous method, you should turn off the Garmin watch to proceed with the following steps.

1. Press and hold Down, Start, and Back buttons.

2. Turn on the watch while still pressing those buttons.

3. When you get the first beep, release the Start button alone.

4. Release the other buttons once you hear the second beep.

Other Ways to Reset Garmin Watch

If you have synced the Garmin Watch with the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone, you can reset it from within the app.

For Forerunner Models

1. From the apps column, click on the Garmin Connect app to launch it on your smartphone.

2. Navigate to select the Options menu and tap on the Settings option.

3. On the list of menu, choose System to proceed.

4. Make a click on the Restore Defaults option.

5. Choose Yes to confirm your action.

6. With this, your Garmin Forerunner watch will begin to delete the data and restore it to factory default settings.

On Garmin Fenix Models

1. On your Fenix watches, select the Settings option on the Home menu.

2. Select the System menu and click on it.

3. Choose the Restore Defaults option.

4. With this, your Fenix watch will restore to factory default settings.

Here comes the end of this session. Hope this was useful to you in terms of resetting Garmin watches. If you have any queries to ask us regarding the guide, then drop a comment below.