Passwords are important either in managing accounts or in smart devices. In smartphones, you have ample of ways to reset the password. But on computers and laptops, the options are very minimal. To reset a Toshiba laptop password, you need additional accessories or at least you need to know some commands in Command Prompt windows. If you forgot your password on the Toshiba laptop and want to reset them, this guide will help you.

How to Reset Toshiba Laptop Password?

There are two ways to reset the password.

  • Using Command Prompt
  • Using Password Reset Disk

Reset Toshiba Laptop Password: Using Command Prompt

(1) In the log-in screen, click the Power button and choose the Restart option.

Reset Toshiba Laptop Password

(2) While the laptop is rebooting, hold the Shift button on the keyboard.

(3) After a while, the Choose an option screen will appear. Select the Troubleshoot option.

Troubleshoot option

(4) On the Troubleshoot screen, choose the Advanced options.

Reset Toshiba Laptop Password

(5) Under Advanced options, click the Startup Settings option.

Startup Settings

(6) Now, click the Restart button.

Reset Toshiba Laptop Password

(7) Then, the Startup Settings window will appear. Press F5 to enable the Safe Mode.

Reset Toshiba Laptop Password

(8) You will get the Command Prompt window with Safe mode. Execute the below command,

net user username
Command Prompt

(9) The password will be reset and when you restart your PC, it won’t ask for any password. Then, you can set a new password for your Toshiba laptop.

Using Password Reset Disk

For this method, you need to create a Password Reset Disk beforehand on your laptop. With the Password Reset Disk, you can easily reset the password.

(1) On the log-in screen, click the Reset password button and insert the Password Reset Disk that you used before.

Reset Toshiba Laptop Password

(2) This will open the Password Reset Wizard. Click the Next button.

Reset Toshiba Laptop Password

(3) Choose the Password Reset Disk and click Next.

Reset Toshiba Laptop Password

(4) It will ask for a new password. Enter the new password in the required fields. Specify the password hint too for easy identification.

Next button

(5) When you are done with it, click the Next button.

(6) Now, your password will be reset and changed to a new one. Click the Finish button.

Finish button

(7) The next time you log-in, you can use the new password.

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Reset your Toshiba laptop password with these methods. There are plenty of third-party tools available to reset the password, don’t use those tools. Those recovery tools may harm your PC and may cause some serious damage to your PC. Use these two methods and reset the password.