Being a bit costly doesn’t mean that your Apple TV won’t bring in any issues. Just like any other smart TV, it does give you glitches. It might even freeze or show a black screen issue. For all these and more, restarting your device is the best solution. Restarting the tvOS will help you fix the performance issues as well as the device getting into an unresponsive state. Here in this section, you will get involved with How to Restart Apple TV in brief.

How to Restart Apple TV?

With the absence of a power button on the Apple TV remote, you have to rely on any of the three methods available to restart it.

  • Using Settings
  • With tvOS Remote
  • Unplugging Power

Note: If you are facing any issues, then restart will fix the issue. If the issue still persists, then reset Apple TV to factory settings.

Restart Apple TV using Settings

Since Apple TV is available as 4K, HD, and 3rd generation models, you got to follow different steps to reset the device using the settings option.

Note: This method works if your tvOS remote is functioning properly.

On Apple TV 4K or HD

1. Navigate to the tvOS Settings while from the home screen.

2. Scroll down to highlight System.

Select System

3. Finally, choose Restart option under Maintenance section.

Choose Restart

On Apple TV 3rd Generation

1. Go to the Apple TV Settings app using the remote control.

2. Highlight the option labelled as General.

Select General

3. Now, select Restart.

Restart tvOS using Apple TV Remote

If you have your Apple TV remote handy, then restarting the device is a one-step process.

On Siri Remote

1. Just hold down the Apple TV app or Home button and Menu buttons together.

Restart Apple TV using Siri Remote

2. Release it when the light flashes on the device.

On Apple Remote

1. On your aluminum or white remote, hold down the Menu and Down buttons simultaneously.

Restart Apple TV using Apple Remote

2. Gently release the fingers when the light flashes on your device.

Restart tvOS by Unplugging Power

Whether you don’t have access to your remote or device screen, unplugging it will restart the tvOS.

1. Unplug the Apple TV from the power and plug it back after six seconds.

You shall try restarting your tvOS with any of the methods as discussed. In case if you want any clarification, then leave a comment.