Apple Watch is a smart wearable device that allows you to do many things without using the iPhone. As much work is done on Apple Watch, the battery percentage drains along with it. Saving battery for a day has become difficult for Apple Watch users. We are here to guide you with some of the techniques that help you save battery life on the Apple Watch. So let’s jump into the section for saving mode on Apple Watch.

Before proceeding, make sure that Apple Watch has paired with iPhone via the Watch app.

Lower the Screen Brightness

Decreasing brightness on smart devices like smartphones, laptops, etc., helps you to save battery life. To reduce the brightness level on Apple Watch, there are two ways available.

Via Apple Watch

[1] Open Settings on your Apple Watch.

[2] Tap on Display & Brightness.

[3] Click on the Brightness slider and then turn the Crown button.

Display and brightness - How to save battery on  Apple Watch

[4] Rotate it on the Anti-clockwise direction to reduce brightness.

Via Watch App

[1] Tap on the My Apple Watch tab.

[2] Select Display & Brightness.

[3] Reduce the brightness by moving the slider to the left.

Brightness - How to save battery on  Apple Watch

Lower the Alert Sound

Lowering the notification sound will help you save some amount of battery life, and there are two ways to do it.

Via Apple Watch

[1] Open the Settings in your Apple Watch

[2] Tap on Sounds & Haptics settings.

[3] Under Alert volume, tap on the slider.

[4] Now, rotate the crown in an anti-clockwise direction to reduce the volume.

Via Watch App

[1] Open the My Watch tab from the bottom panel.

[2] Select Sounds & Haptics from the menu.

[3] Move the slider to the left to reduce the volume.


You can also turn your watch to silent mode by turning on the Silent mode toggle.

silent mode - How to save battery on  Apple Watch

Turn off Notifications

By turning off notification on Apple Watch, you can save battery life. The more you receive notifications, the more your screen turns on and drains the battery level. So it is better to turn off in order to save battery.

[1] Open Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

[2] Under the My Watch tab, select Notifications.

[3] Turn off the notification privacy toggle.

Notification privacy

To disable notification of some fewer apps, then select the app from the list and turn off its notification.

Disable Wrist Raise Feature

Wrist raise is a feature to wake up your Apple Watch whenever you raise the hands. To disable this feature, follow the steps below.

[1] Open the Watch app on your device.

[2] Under My watch tab and select settings.

[3] Now, select general settings.

[4] Tap on the Wake screen.

[5] Turn on the Wake Screen on Wrist Raise toggle.

wake screen on wrist raise

Use Dark Face

Watch face is the one thing that shows up the most on your Apple watch. To save battery life, it is advisable to use a dark-faced clock face.

[1] Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

[2] Under the My Watch tab, choose the Face Gallery tab.

[3] Select the desired dark face from the gallery available.

watch faces

Greyscale Viewing Mode

Greyscale viewing mode is similar to that of Dark mode that disables all the color on your Apple Watch and turns it to Greyscale. To do that

[1] Open Watch App on your iPhone.

[2] Under the Watch tab, choose general.

[3] In General, navigate to Accessibility.

[4] Now, turn on the Grayscale toggle.

greyscale - How to save battery on  Apple Watch

Turn on Power Reserve mode

Power reserve mode enables us to use the battery efficiently on your Apple Watch. Turn it on by following the steps below.

[1] Swipe down from the top of your Apple watch.

[2] Tap on the battery icon to expand it.

[3] Below the battery percentage, you can see Power reserve mode.

power reserve - How to save battery on  Apple Watch

[4] Slide the power reserve slider to the right to activate it.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Do not disturb mode stop Apple Watch from displaying or turning on the device for each notification. By enabling this, you can access the notifications manually whenever you want.

[1] Swipe down the Control center in your Apple watch.

[2] Tap on the Do not disturb icon to activate it.

Do not disturb

Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is the next level of Do not disturb mode, where your network will be turned off temporarily. By doing this, there will be no notification or screen wake up.

[1] Swipe down the screen in your Apple watch.

[2] In the Control center, tap on Airplane mode.

Airplane mode - How to save battery on  Apple Watch

Remove/Delete Unwanted Apps

[1] Tap and hold on the app that you need to delete.

[2] Once the app icons started to jiggle, release it.

[3] Tap on the X icon located above the app icon.

Remove apps

[4] Tap on Delete to remove the app from your Apple watch.

These are some of the ways to save the battery life on your Apple watch. We hope that it will help you to gain some extra hours on your Apple watch. If you have any doubts, make use of the comments section below.