Despite being a bit pricey, Apple Watch is a feature-rich wearable. While it has lots of customization options, users of watchOS can silence it for varied reasons. For instance, you might expect to carry on your meeting or movie time, or anything more without any disturbance. So, you would definitely expect your Apple not to bring any notifications, sound, or haptic alerts. If that is all you expect, then Apple allows you to keep it quiet or silence it. For more details, you can learn how to silence Apple Watch.

How to Silence Apple Watch

There are multiple ways in which you can silence your Apple Watch. Get into the section below to know more in detail about it here.

Set Silent Mode to Silence Apple Watch

Enabling silent mode on watchOS will be the same as the iPhone. So, you will not get any sound, notification, or call. In this method, users will still get a mild vibration or chime from the Taptic Engine.

Note: It will let you feel the haptic notifications. Also, the alarms and timers will ring when your watchOS is charging.

1. On your watch face, swipe up from the bottom to get the Control Center.

2. Gently press the Bell icon to turn on Silent Mode.

3. Upon turning it, the icon will be highlighted, and the bell will have a slash.

Silent Mode - How to Silence Apple Watch

4. If you don’t want to receive haptic alerts, then go to the Settings app or Watch app on iPhone to select Sounds & Haptics to turn off Haptic Alerts.

Turn Off Sounds and Haptics

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Do Not Disturb Mode

If you don’t want your Apple Watch to bring in any calls and alerts, including sounds and lights, then go with DnD mode.

Note: With DnD, haptics will be turned off, and the screen light won’t turn up. It will not notice anything except alarms and heart rate alerts.

1. Open Control Center on your Apple Watch by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

2. Press the Crescent moon icon to turn it on. It is turned on if the icon gets highlighted.

3. Optionally, users can choose to turn it on for one hour or until evening or until tomorrow morning, etc., to it turn off automatically after the specified duration.

DnD Mode - How to Silence Apple Watch

FYI! By default, turning on and off DnD will work on iPhone and the Apple Watch linked with it. You can disable the Mirror iPhone feature on the Watch app to configure DnD settings individually on each device.

Set Theater Mode to Silence Apple Watch

If you don’t want your Apple Watch to light up upon receiving a notification or call, then choose Theater or Cinema mode. It is a great-to-go option to keep the light turned off when you accidentally or causally lift your wrist.

Note: Theatre mode will bring haptic notifications and vibration. Yet your watch will not light up.

1. Swipe up on your Apple Watch face to get the Control Center.

2. Press the Tragedy/Comedy icon to turn on the Theatre mode.

Theater Mode - How to Silence Apple Watch

Cover to Mute

Silence a notification or incoming alert beforehand by enabling the Cover to Mute option on Apple Watch.

Note: Enabling this option will put your Apple Watch screen to sleep, and you will not get any sound or vibration.


  • On your paired iPhone, open Watch app > select My Watch tab > choose Sounds & Haptics > Turn on Cover to Mute option.

Steps to Turn On Cover to Mute Mode

  • 1. On your watchOS, cover the display and let you feel the tap in about three seconds.
  • 2. Pressing the Digital Crown will silence the call notification.

That was all the possible ways we found working to silence your Apple Watch. If in case you find any difficulties, then drop a comment below.