Letsfit is a fitness tracker preferred by those who want to monitor their health and fitness at an affordable price. It gives in-depth details about all your fitness routine in real-time. Letsfit guarantees ten days of battery life and gives you a clear view of fitness data. Upon unboxing the tracker, users need to charge it first and then turn it on to complete its setup process. For in-depth information, you shall sync Letsfit Tracker with your smartphone. If you wanted to know how to sync Letsfit Fitness Tracker, then you are in the right space.

How to Sync Letsfit Fitness Tracker?

If you want to sync Letsfit Fitness Tracker with your mobile phone, then carry out the steps as given below.

What you Need?

  • Android OS 4.4 and above
  • iOS 7.1 and above
  • Bluetooth 4.0 turned on your phone
  • Letsfit Tracker charged fully

Important Note: Keep your smartphone and tracker within 0.5 meters of distance. Also, the fitness tracker should be in an unbind state before pairing.

Sync Letsfit Fitness Tracker with Smartphone

1. On your Android or iOS smartphone, launch the respective app store by navigating on the apps section.

2. Click on the Search option to find the VeryFitpro app. Select the same when you get suggestions.

Alternatively, if you have the user manual of the tracker, then you shall scan the QR code to download it.

Sync Letsfit Fitness Tracker

3. Click on the Download or Get button to start its installation on your device.

4. After the installation, press the Open button to launch the app on your phone.

5. Click on the Letsfit Fitness Tracker model number. For instance, ID205L.

6. Now, you should select Confirm Bind Device option.

7. On your tracker, you need to confirm it to complete the syncing process.

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Under the following scenario, the fitness tracker will disconnect.

  • 1. Bluetooth connection is turned off on your phone
    • Keep the Bluetooth connection turned On.
  • 2. Tracker and phone are out of range
    • Fix – Make sure the connection isn’t restricted by wall or furniture
  • 3. If the VeryFitPro app disconnects in the phone background
    • Fix – Enable location and all Notifications. Clear running or background process.
    • On the VeryFitPro app, swipe down the main page, and the tracker will reconnect to the smartphone.

See how to Connect Letsfit Fitness Tracker in Easy Steps

And that’s all about sync your Letsfit fitness tracker to your smartphone. Hope it is a useful session for you. For any feedback, suggestions, or queries, you should drop a comment.