This article will let you know how to Track an iPhone from Android Mobile. Sometimes you would have misplaced your iPhone and all you have got is the Android Phone to track. You can easily do that. There are several mobile apps like Find my phone or Trusted contacts to do so.

Track an iPhone from Android Mobile

Track an iPhone from Android Mobile

Here are the few ways in which you could track iPhone.

  • iCloud
  • Google maps
  • Mobile Applications or GPS tracking app.

First, enable Location services in iPhone through Settings >> Privacy >> Location services enable it. If not then tracking would be an impossible one.

Track iPhone by using Android Browser

How to Track an iPhone from Your Android using ICloud -

1. Open any Android web browser. Open the iCloud website.

2. Log in to iCloud with your Apple ID.

3. You can see the “Find my Phone” option under the menu open it.

4. And then select Find iPhone. Now you will get the devices connected to your iCloud.

5. Select the device which you want to track.

6. You will get three options to select the desired one to control or locate the device.

  1. Play Sound – To find the device using Audible Signal
  2. Lost Mode – To prevent hackers from hacking the device.
  3. Erase iPhone/iPad – TO erase the data.

7. Now Logout from iCloud.

Track iPhone using Google Maps on Android

Note for this method Google maps must be installed on your iPhone and Location service must be enabled even before it is misplaced.

Google Maps

1. Open the web browser in any Android mobile, Google Chrome would be a better option.

2. Log in to Google Maps Timeline remember to log in with the same credentials you Logged in your iPhone.

3. Select the date and you will get to know your complete location.

4. Now even pictures you took will appear so it would be easy for you to find the exact location where you used your iPhone lately.

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Track using Mobile Applications or GPS tracking app

  • Find my iPhone is the greatest application that anyone could use to find their iPhone. To login to your “Find my iPhone” account use your iCloud account. And as said earlier you can track it.
Find My Phone
  • Trusted Contacts is yet another app from Android. It is a replacement for iPhone’s Find my Friend app for your Android mobile. It works with Google account and you can track your iPhone via this by logging in but remember your iPhone must give certain permissions to do so which must be enabled previously.
How to Track an iPhone from Your Android

Make sure that if you are tracking any other’s phone it must be acknowledged by them or it will lead to severe consequences. Location service must be active on your iPhone else tracking would not be possible. If the mobile is switched off then tracking is impossible.

And do write us in the comment about your tracking experiences.