Apple devices are known for their notorious design and sleeky functionality. The Apple TV streaming device users will know that it doesn’t have a button to turn off or turn on the device. Then, how will you turn off your Apple TV when it is not in use. You can’t unplug the device from the power cord every time.

How to Turn off Apple TV?

There are two ways to turn off your Apple TV. Here are the two different ways:

  • Using Control Centre
  • Using Settings

Turn off Apple TV: Using Control Centre

(1) Press and hold the Home button on the remote for 4-5 seconds. For 3rd Gen and earlier version, press and hold the Play/Pause button for 4-5 seconds.

Home button

(2) The Control Center will appear on the right pane. In Apple TV 3rd Gen and earlier versions, the Control Center will appear in the center.

(3) Click on the Sleep option. This will turn off your device.

Sleep option

(4) To turn on the TV, you need to simply tap the Home button.

Using Settings

(1) On your TV, go to the Settings option.

Turn off Apple TV

(2) A list of options will appear. Tap on the Sleep Now option.

Sleep Now option

(3) The device will turn off. Press the Home button to turn on the device.

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How to Set Up Sleep Timer?

By setting up the Sleep Timer, your TV will automatically turn off when there is no activity. To do so,

(1) On the Settings screen, click the General option.

Turn off Apple TV

(2) Navigate to the Sleep After option.

Turn off Apple TV

(3) Select the preferred timing. For instance, if you choose 15 minutes the device will turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Turn off Apple TV

(4) If you choose Never, your device will never go to sleep mode automatically.

(4) To turn on the device, press the Home button.

In Apple TV, both turn-off and sleep are the same. Putting the device will sleep mode will stop all the activities on the device and it will in standby mode. It won’t consume any electricity.

These are the different ways to turn off your TV. Put the device to the sleep mode and turn on the device whenever you want with a click. If you have any doubts, tell us in the comments below.