Roku is a user-friendly media player, and accessing its interface seems to be easy. The device itself is designed to consume less power or electricity when not in use. It ensures that the users do not need to pay higher electricity bills. Unlike other media players, RokuOS has no manual option to turn it off. i.e., it has no power button on the remote or on the player itself. In such a case, turning off its power may be tricky for many, and it holds, especially for the new users. Need not worry, as this section will help you out on the procedure to turn off Roku players.

How to Turn Off Roku?

The steps to turn off the TV with Roku remote vary based on the model you own. Here are the detailed guidelines.

USB Powered Roku

If you own a Roku box or stick that is USB powered, then here is all you need to turn them off. It works on Sticks, Express, and Premiere models.

Roku Stick
  • Such devices get the power supply from the USB port of the TV. Just turning off the power of your TV will power off USB powered RokuOS devices.
  • If you have used an AC adapter to power on your RokuOS, you should plug it out, and the device will turn off automatically.

Tip: You shall try to turn off Roku’s power just before you opt to reset Roku.


With Roku 4, users get the opportunity to turn off the device entirely. The steps involved are as follows.

Roku 4
  • 1. Press the Home key on the remote.
  • 2. Select Settings to choose the System option.
  • 3. Click Power and click on Auto Power Off.

Note: Even otherwise, the device will turn off after 30 minutes of being idle.

Roku3 or Older

If you have Roku3 or older models, then the easiest way to turn it off is to power off the device. It is the only possible way to power it off as the mentioned devices don’t have a power button.

Roku 3

Note: Leaving it idle for 30 minutes will put it into Power Save mode.

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Roku TV

If you want to power off your RokuTV, then the only possible way is to turn off the TV itself. Optionally, you shall turn on the power saving mode with the steps below.

1. Go to Settings and select System.

2. Choose Power to highlight the desired option.

  • Auto Power Saving – Select between Reduce power after 15 minutes or Turn off after 4 hours check box.
  • Select Standard LED – Turns off the LED available at the front when TV is in the power-off state.
  • Fast TV Start – This keeps your TV in the standby state and works with the voice command.
  • System restart – Choose this only if you want to reboot the media player.
Select Power Mode

Hope this section has been helpful to you in turning off the power of your Roku player. Is there anything you need us to assist you with? If so, leave a comment below.