Fossil is one of the most trusted and fashionable brand to have smartwatches. The brand has gone a step ahead and made lots of smartwatches as every other user deserves its own. This includes sports watches powered by Google’s Wear OS. Fossil has even made improvements on its sports watch models with extended battery life. Fossil sports smartwatch fits and tastes any of your workout routines. Also, the users can get customizable dials and stapes in the color you need. So, you can track your workout progress and activity goals better. For all these and more features, you shall indeed need to turn on Fossil Sport Smartwatch. Whether your Fossil Sport Smartwatch has charge or not, the guidelines given below will help you turn on.

How to Turn on Fossil Sport Smartwatch?

There are two ways in which you can power on your Fossil Sports smartwatch. Both of them involve a step or two and you don’t have to deal with any complications.

If your sports model Fossil smartwatch is drained out of charge, then turning it on requires the following steps.

1. Connect the smartwatch to the charger.

2. Ensure you wait for some time to let it charge.

3. The smartwatch will turn on automatically when it has enough of power.

Note: Fossil Watches will turn on automatically whenever it has enough power. Ensure that it has sufficient power and keep it on all the time.

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Alterative Way!

If your Fossil Sport Smartwatch has enough power, then here are the steps to turn it on.

1. Press and hold the middle pusher button on the smartwatch.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch

2. Hold it for about three seconds and it will power on.

That was all the simple and easiest way of turning on your Fossil sports smartwatches. Hope this section is useful to you. In case you have any issues or want us to guide you regarding the same, just leave your queries on the comment box.