Snapchat is one of the most-used apps among youngsters. The variety of filters, face emojis, and Bitmoji is the main reasons for the success of the app. Apart from all these unique features, Snapchat also the most common feature – Snapchat Dark Mode. You can turn on/off the Snapchat Dark Mode as you prefer.

After a long wait, Snapchat rolled out its dark mode feature to all of its users. Still, there are some limitations. You can enable the dark theme on Snapchat only if you are using the Android 10 (Pie) OS. The iOS app and the earlier Android version is yet to have the dark mode.

How to Turn On Snapchat Dark Mode on Android 10 Devices

In the Android 10 OS, you can enable the Dark mode in two ways. The theme on your smartphone affects the Snapchat app just like the Instagram app. The app doesn’t have the option to toggle the theme. But, if you turn on a dark theme on your smartphone, the app will convert the theme to dark mode.

In Android 10 smartphones, there are two ways to turn on the Dark mode.

  • Using Control Centre
  • Using the Settings

Snapchat Dark Mode: Using Control Centre on Android 10 OS

(1) On your smartphone, go to the Control Centre.

(2) Search for the Dark mode option. The name of the option may vary based on the brand of smartphones.

Snapchat Dark Mode

(3) Tap on the Dark mode icon.

(4) Your Android device will go to dark mode.

Dark theme on Android 10

(5) Now, open the Snapchat app. It will appear in the dark mode.

(6) To revert back, tap on the Dark mode icon again.

Snapchat Dark Mode: Using Settings on Android 10 OS

(1) On your smartphone, go to Settings.

(2) Tap on the Display option on the Settings menu.

Display option

(3) Search for dark mode and tap on it.

Snapchat Dark Mode

(4) Turn on the Dark mode toggle on the next screen.

Snapchat Dark Mode

(5) Your smartphone will go to dark mode.

(6) Then, open the Snapchat app. It will be in the dark mode.

Snapchat Dark Mode

(7) To turn off the Dark mode, turn off the toggle from the Settings menu.

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These are the two ways that you can enable the dark mode on Snapchat. Sadly, the feature is not available on the iOS app. You need to wait until the dark mode is released for the iOS app. If you want to enable dark mode on any other apps, mention the app in the comments section. We will give you the guide.