Apple TV is a media player device that connects your TV through an HDMI cable. It takes content from the internet and shows it on your TV. With Apple TV, you get to stream video content in 4K quality. Like iPhones and iPad, new updates will arrive for Apple TVs too. You have to update your Apple TV to its latest version to get the new features and customization options. As of now (15/04/21), the latest version available for Apple TV is the tvOS 14.4.

The new update (tvOS 14.4) is released on 26th Jan 2021. With the Apple Special Event scheduled on 20th April, 2021, we may have a new update for the TV. A lot of new features in the tvOS 14.4 are only available for Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. For Apple TV 3rd Gen and lower, you will get only a few new features.

How to Update Apple TV

Step 1: Click the Settings and click on System.

Step 2: Under System settings, choose the Software Update option.

Step 3: Click the Update Software button.

Update Software

Step 3: If there is an update available, you will get the following screen.

Step 5: Click on Download and Install to download the latest version of tvOS.

Download and Install button

Note: If you click the Update Later option, the TV will remind you to update the tvOS sometime later.

Step 6: While updating, you will get two screens. Preparing Update and Applying Update.

How to Update Apple TV

Step 4: When the update is installed, your Apple TV will restart automatically.

How to Update Apple TV

Step 8: After the restart, you can use the Apple TV as usual with the new features.

For Apple TV 3rd and lower generations, go to Settings –> General –> Software Updates –> Update Software. Likewise, you need to update apps on Apple TV to get the latest version of apps.

How to Turn on Automatic Updates on Apple TV

Step 1: Click the Settings icon and navigate to the Software Updates.

Step 2: Open the Automatically Update option.

Automatically Update to Update Apple TV automatically

Step 3: Make sure that Automatically Update is switched on.

Step 4: After this, your Apple TV will be updated automatically whenever a new tvOS version is available.

Now updating your Apple TV is much easier with the steps listed above. And you can also click on the message that Apple TV gives you when an update is available. If you have any suggestions, leave us below.