Smartwatches are just like smartphones. They also get software updates and need to be updated once in a while. Smartwatches like Garmin Watch will get new updates frequently. Garmin smartwatches are more concentrated on fitness and workout activities. Updating the smartwatch to the new version will unlock new tracking features with more accuracy. You can update the Garmin Watch in several ways.

Different Ways to Update Garmin Watch

Here are the different ways to update your Garmin Smartwatch:

  • From the Watch
  • Using the Garmin Connect
  • Using the Garmin Express

Update Garmin Watch: From the Watch

(1) Press the top right button (Run button) to open the watch menu.

Run button

(2) Press the bottom left button (Down Arrow button) to navigate between the option.

Update Garmin Watch

(3) Go to the Settings option and press the Run button to open it.

Settings option

(4) Then, go to the System option and open it.

System option

(5) On the next screen, navigate to the Software Update option and select the option.

Update Garmin Watch

(6) If a new update is available, it will ask you to install the update. If you are using the latest version, it will show the latest version.

(7) Click the Install Now button.

Update Garmin Watch

(8) The watch will begin to install and you will get the below screen.

Update Garmin Watch

(9) When the update is completed, the watch will restart. Then, you can explore the new features of the new update.

Update Garmin Watch: Using Garmin Connect App

When you connect your watch to the Garmin Connect app, it will automatically download the new software version on the background. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can download the app from the Play Store or App Store. When the new update is downloaded completely, it will prompt you to install the new update. Generally, it will take a week to download the new update. If you didn’t connect to the Garmin Connect app for a week, a notification will appear on the watch stating that it needs to be updated.

To avoid manual updates, connect the app with the Garmin Connect once in a week. The new update will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Update Garmin Watch: Using Garmin Express App

(1) Download the Garmin Express app from the Garmin website. The app is available for Windows and Mac.

(2) Open the Garmin Express app on your PC.

(3) Connect the Garmin Watch to the PC.

Update Garmin Watch

(4) The app will search for the Garmin device. When it is detected, click the Get Started button.

(5) Now, click the Add Device button to add the Garmin Watch to the Garmin Express app.

Add Device button

(6) The app will ask you to sign in or create a Garmin account. Sign in with your Garmin account or create a new account.

Update Garmin Watch

(7) When it is done, you will get the following screen.

You're up to date!

(8) If the watch is already in the latest version, you will the You’re up to date! screen. If a new update is available, it will ask you to install the update.

How to Turn on Auto Software Updates

(1) Press the Run button to open the watch menu and go to the Software Update option as mentioned in method 1.

(2) Here, the Auto Software Update toggle will present. Turn on the toggle.

When you turn on the Auto Software Update, the new version will be downloaded in the background and will be installed automatically when the device is not in use.

These are the different ways that you use to update your Garmin watch. Turn on the Auto Software Update option for automatic updates. If you don’t want to manually update the watch, connect the device to the Garmin Connect app. Update your Garmin watch and get to access the new features from the Garmin Community.