Safari is the most used browser on Apple devices and predominantly the safest browser developed by Apple. It is the default web browser that comes with any Apple device. For added security and protection against several online malware, it is vital to keep Safari up-to-date. The procedure to update Safari on macOS is different from updating on iPhone and iPad. So let’s see how to update Safari on iPhone, macOS, and iPad devices.

How to Update Safari on Mac

[1] Turn on your Mac device and press the Apple menu icon from the top left corner.

[2] Choose the App Store icon from the menu.

Update Safari

[3] Go to the Update section from the section tab.


[4] Navigate to Safari and click Update to upgrade only the browser completely.

Update Safari


[4] Click on Update all at the top to update all the available applications.


Update Safari

[4] Click on More (highlighted in blue color).

Update Safari

[5] Click on Update near Safari xx.x.xx (version) and leave the rest.

  • It will upgrade just the Safari browser, and other apps will not be upgraded.
Update Safari

Note: Also, most of the updates require a restart to complete the update process.

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How to Update Safari on iPad

There is no straightforward method to update Safari on iPad and iPhone. Get the latest iOS software on the iPad, which, in turn, updates your Safari browser on the iPad. So check for software updates, and when you get one, your safari browser will be updated on iPad. For the complete guide on how to update your iPad, click here.

How to Update Safari on iPhone

There are no ways to upgrade Safari on iOS individually on the iOS device as we did for macOS. Safari browser comes as an iOS package. Updating the entire software will update the browser on the iPhone and iPad.

[1] Open Settings on your iPhone.

[2] Choose General from the settings menu.


[3] Under General, choose Software update.

Software update

[4] Click on Download and install if there is any update.

Download and install

[5] Agree to the terms and conditions to start the update.

[6] Now your iPhone is updated along with the Safari browser.

Note: Before updating, make sure to have a complete backup of your iOS device.

Hope you have updated Safari to its latest version with the above guidelines. If you have any doubts, make use of the comments section below.