Facetime is a video calling app developed by Apple for iOS users. In iPhones and iPad, Facetime will be pre-installed. Though there are many video calling apps available for iOS, Facetime is one of the apps for making video and audio calls. You can make group video calls for up to 32 people. It protects your data with an end-to-end encryption protocol. Surprisingly, Facetime is not available for Apple TV devices.

Facetime is not meant for streaming devices and TVs as the app needs a camera for full functionality. With Apple TV, you need to set up an external camera and mic for the Facetime app. Due to this, the app is never launched for Apple TV. However, you can screen mirror the Facetime app from your iPhone or iPad and view them on your TV.

How to Stream Facetime on Apple TV through iPhone or iPad

Before going to the steps, make sure that your Apple TV and iPhone or iPad are connected with the same WIFI network.

1) Open iPhone or iPad and go to Control Center.

2) Click on Screen Mirroring.

click on screen mirroring to facetime on Apple TV

3) Select your Apple TV from the list shown.

4) You have to enter the passcode on your TV for verification.

5) Once the verification is done, launch the Facetime app on your iPhone or iPad.

6) Make a Facetime call to your friend. The video will appear on your Apple TV.

7) Go to Control Center –> Screen Mirroring, and click on the Stop Mirroring to stop the mirroring.

How to Stream Facetime on Apple TV through Mac

1) In your Mac, click on the Airplay icon.

2) Select the Apple TV to which you want to have a video call.

3) Click on the Airplay icon again.

4) Select the Duplicate Screen option.

5) Open Facetime and make a video call to whom you want to speak.

6) The video call will appear on your Apple TV.

7) Once you finished your call, don’t forget to stop mirroring your screen.

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Facetime remains available only for iOS users. Through iPhone, iPad, and Mac, you can make Facetime calls on Apple TV. The interface of Facetime is very elegant. Use any one of these methods to screen mirror the Facetime app on your TV. If you have any issues with the Facetime app, let us know in the comments below.