Microsoft Corporation’s Minecraft is one of the best-selling games of all time, with millions of active users worldwide. It is vital to login to play the game irrespective of the device you own. Most Minecraft lovers face a common problem on Minecraft while they log in to the game. It is nothing but the https aka ms remoteconnect. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most common and annoying issues that may occur for most Minecraft users. So let’s see how to overcome the https aka ms remoteconnect error.

What is https aka ms remoteconnect Error?

You will get an “https aka ms remoteconnect” error on Minecraft when you try logging in with your Microsoft account. The screen will prompt you to enter the Microsoft Code. The error or issue means you have changed the device. For instance, you are about to play on Play Station from Xbox. It is nothing but the login bug that occurs on Nintendo, PS4, computer, other gaming consoles.

How to Fix https aka ms remoteconnect Login Problem on Xbox/PS console

[1] Download and install the Minecraft game from PS Store/Microsoft Xbox Store.


[2] Launch Minecraft on your device.

[3] Click on Login with your Microsoft account.

[4] Make a note of the code that appears on your Xbox/PS screen.

https aka ms remoteconnect

[5] From any other device browser, visit

[6] Enter the code in the respective field and click on Next.

https aka ms remoteconnect

Note: You need to log in with your Microsoft account or create one for free to enter the code.

[7] The game will be loaded on your Xbox/PS once the code gets verified.

[8] Now you can start playing Minecraft on your Console.

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Reasons for the Issue


There are some common reason that may result with the occurrence of this error

  • Device change
  • Error in Game data

Device Change

Change device

Microsoft allows you to log in with the account to play on any device. But there is some inefficiency that leads to some errors like the one that we talked about before. Due to a change of device, you will get the “https aka ms remoteconnect” error. It is nothing but the issue to configure the game like your older device. Hence you will get such an error. It is best to use it in a single device or change a device with a higher configuration than your previous device while shifting.

Error in Game Data

Game data error

Secondly, this error may occur from the game’s saved data. If your game data got corrupted, then according to the corruption level, there will be several issues you may have to face while logging in or on the game. To overcome this, you can opt to reinstall Minecraft. It is the only quick fix, but it can’t last long. Consider deleting the corrupted game data properly. You can also delete the unwanted game data to avoid this kind of error.

How to Delete, Saved, Corrupted, Unwanted Game Data?

[1] Start Minecraft game on your device.

[2] Open Settings and choose System settings from the menu.

[3] Select Storage options under system settings.

[4] Access the Minecraft game data under Game Storage.

[5] Now click on Remove all files to remove the corrupted or saved Minecraft game data.

These are some of the quick fixes for the “https aka ms remoteconnect” error. You can try this on all the available devices resolve the same to get an amazing gaming experience. If you have any doubts, shoot down on the comments section below. For more tech updates, explore the site.