Keynote is a presentation software from Apple, is on Apple Watch. It was launched in 2003 and made available on Apple Watch recently. Keynote is part of the iWork productivity suite in Apple. Besides, it works on iPad, and iPhones on both iOS and iPadOS. However, using Keynote on Apple Watch helps controlling presentations with it. 


Apple Watch, as the name suggests, are the smartwatches from Apple Inc. Since being released in 2015, Apple Watches are the best-selling smartwatches. The user can operate the Apple Watch with an iPhone and sync data. Moreover, alterations in the configurations of the Apple Watch are possible with an iPhone. Furthermore, an Apple Watch connects and works on Wi-Fi. The Apple Watch can make calls, text, and use other apps on the iPhone. The Latest Apple Watches have advanced Always-On Retina and sapphire crystal displays.

Using Keynote

Using Keynote on your Apple Watch makes it easier and comfortable to control presentations. Only Keynote for iOS 2.5.3 or further edition supports on Apple Watch. However, use Keynote once or more on iPhone before using it on Apple Watch. You can install Keynote using a paired iPhone. Finally, open the Apple Watch on iPhone and My Watch. Type ‘Keynote’ and press ‘Show App on Apple Watch’.


Control a Presentation on Apple Watch

To start a presentation, open the Keynote app.

Moreover, for controlling the presentation use the following buttons on your Apple Watch.

Play Button: To start the presentation.

KEYNOTE Play button
Play button

Next Button:  To move to the next slide in the presentation.

Next button

Back Button: To move to the previous slide in the presentation.

Back button

Exit Button: To end the slide presentation.

Exit Button

Settings on your Apple Watch that makes better presentations:

Step 1: Initially, on your home screen tap on ‘Settings’.

Step 2: Secondly, tap on ‘General’.

Step 3: Next, tap Wake Screen and scroll to Keynote, and tap on it.

Step 4: Finally, tap ‘Custom’ and then on ‘After Crown Press’.

Also see How to Update Apple Watch to the latest version.

Furthermore, Apple Watch can control presentations on other devices like Mac. You need to pair your device with the iPhone for controlling the presentation on it. Also, make sure that the iPhone is not connected to an external display.