Chromebook is definitely an affordable machine that runs on ChromeOS. It is light-weight and a thinner option than any other laptops. While Chromebooks are usually low-powered, they can still perform out of the box. Chrome OS operates on the Linux kernel, and it isn’t Linux, actually. You cannot expect Chromebook to perform the best when the terminal isn’t visible or hidden. For instance, even the most simple Linux commands will fail to work. Thus a lot of Chromebook users look for ways to install Linux. If you want to use Linux on Chromebook, then check out the section below for the guidelines.

Procedure to Install Linux on Chromebook

While there are different ways to install Linux OS on Chromebook, this section will guide you with Crouton.

Enable Developer Mode

The primary requirement to use Linux on Chrome OS is to enable the Developer Mode.

Important! Since enabling developer mode will delete all the device or local data, you need to back up the data on an external device or to the cloud.

1. With the Chromebook connected to the internet, press and hold Esc & Refresh keys.

2. Further, click the Power button and release it when the forced reboot starts.

3. Wait for the reboot process to end and let the screen display as Chrome OS is missing or damaged.

4. With this, you need to initiate the Developer mode by pressing Ctrl+D.

5. Press the Enter key to turn off the OS verification.

6. Wait for the verification to end after several reboots. If you see OS verification is OFF, wait for the welcome screen of Chrome OS to appear.

7. Now, you need to start accessing Chromebook from scratch by setting network details, language, etc., and sign in.

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Steps to Install Linux on Chromebook

With the above changes, you shall proceed with installing Ubuntu using Crouton.

1. On your Chromebook, you shall need to open the Chrome web browser.

2. Using the address bar, you need to visit the GitHub website (

3. Navigate under the About section and click on the link to download the Crouton on Chromebook.

Linux on Chromebook - Click on the Link

4. When the download gets completed, launch the terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+ T keys together.

5. Enter the command line given below and press the Enter key.


Type Shell

6. Now, you should run the following command to install the Crouton latest version.

sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -t xfce

Linux on Chromebook

7. Wait for the installation process to end. When prompted, provide the username and password to use with Linux on Chromebook.

8. When the Linux installation completes, type the following command on the terminal and press Enter.

sudo startxfc4

9. To use the Linux OS, you shall need to enter the Ubuntu Username and Password.

10. Xfce session will begin, and you will the Linux or Ubuntu interface on Chromebook.

Note: With Crouton, Chromebook users can run Chrome OS and Ubuntu simultaneously. To switch between it, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Back and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Forward. Some Chromebooks require pressing Ctrl+Alt+Back, Ctrl+Alt+Forward, and Ctrl+Alt+Refresh.

Procedure to Remove Linux on Chromebook

In case you don’t want to use Linux OS on your Chromebook, then here are the steps to remove it.

1. Firstly, restart your Chromebook and wait until you see OS verification is OFF message.

2. With this, press the Spacebar key to reactivating OS verification.

3. Upon pressing the Enter key, a notification appears with OS verification is on.

4. Allow Chromebook to reboot and let it restore itself, and Chrome OS welcome screen will appear.

That was all about installing Linux on Chromebook. For any issues or queries, you shall drop a comment below.