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Want to generate a QR code for business? You've landed in the right place. QR Code or Quick Response code is a two-dimensional barcode that provides instant access to the information hidden in code. Invented in 1994, the technology was first used for the automotive industry in Japan. Later, it has become an integral part of so many businesses due to the emergence of smartphones, and now it seems to be everywhere. It can store a lot of information, including contact details, website addresses, product details, and more.













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What is QR Code Generator?

QR Code Generator is a simple tool or software to generate different types of QR codes. You can use it to generate a QR code for URL, Text, E-mail, Location, Phone number, Wi-Fi, V-card, PayPal, Bitcoin, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, SMS, or Event, you can create QR codes easily.

Anyone can use our QR code generation without going through any sign-up process. You can create unlimited QR codes without any limitations and the codes can be used for commercial purpose too.

How to Scan the QR Code?

Nowadays, most of the smartphones (both Android and iOS) comes with integrated support to scan the QR code. Just launch the Camera app on your smartphone and scan the QR code. Within a few seconds, the information hidden on the code will appear. You will need an active internet connection while scanning the QR codes.

Even if your device doesn't have a built-in QR code reader, you can download plenty of third-party tools from the Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (iOS).

What is Static and Dynamic QR Code?

There are two types of QR codes available: Static and Dynamic. The major difference between the two QR codes is that the information in the Static code is a fixed one and cannot be edited once it was generated. Whereas the Dynamic QR code is flexible, and it lets you edit the hidden information. The first one is ideal for API and personal purposes, whereas the latter match the business needs.

The Static code will expire when the hidden link or information is changed or deleted. On the other hand, Dynamic QR codes will never expire due to the editing capabilities.

Static: URL, V-card, Text, WiFi, SMS, Email address, Phone number, Events, Bitcoin

Dynamic: Follow your social media profiles, See your website, Listen to audio, Add PayPal ID, Watch your videos

How to Generate QR Code?

Step 1: Select the type of QR code that you want.

Step 2: Enter all the necessary details like URL, contact info, plain text, or anything that you want.

Step 3: Add Watermark and logo to your QR code.

Step 4: Tap Generate QR Code and get the code.

QR Code Generator

Step 5: Download it to your device and use it wherever you want.

Advantages of QR Codes

The main advantage of using QR code is that it helps you to advertise and grow your business and it can be used on anything and everything. It includes both personal and commercial purposes. By scanning the QR code, uses can store your contact information on their device for future reference. Moreover, it lets them store the information quickly.

QR code functions as a medium between you and the customer. Typing the URL is always a time-consuming process. By including the URL, users can view your site by simply scanning the code.

Apart from this, it lets you add and share more information related to your business in a secure way. The information provided in the QR code are more secured and it is impossible for the third-persons to crack it.

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