Public Broadcasting Service, aka PBS, is an American Public network broadcaster and television program distributor. It is more of a non-profit organization and educational TV programs in the USA. PBS distributes various series. So with PBS, you can get full-length of national and local PBS programs. The app is available for free on the Roku Channel Store, and you installing and using it is straightforward. Access full-length episodes, documentaries, series from PBS and its member stations. With PBS on Roku, you will not miss any recent episodes of popular shows like Nova, Nature, Frontline, etc. Follow along to know how to watch PBS Video on RokuOS.

Watch PBS on Roku

As said earlier, the PBS app is available on the Roku Channel Store. We can download the app for free and stream the contents on our Roku connected TV. Follow the procedure given below to add PBS.

Step 1: Set up the Roku device with your TV via HDMI port. Then connect the device to the Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Press the home button on the Roku TV’s supplied remote to go to the home screen.

Roku Homescreen _ Streaming Channels
Roku Homescreen _ Streaming Channels

Step 3: From the home screen, scroll and choose the Streaming Channels. You will be taken to the Channel Store.

Search on Roku
Search on Roku

Step 4: From the suggestions, choose the Search Channels option.

Step 5: Hover to the Search bar. And type PBS with the help of the on-screen keyboard.

Search PBS on Roku
Search PBS on Roku

Step 6: Select the app from the suggestions. Click Add Channel on the App installation page.

Add PBS on Roku
Add PBS on Roku

Step 7: Click OK on the prompt.

With this, the PBS channel gets added and installed on your Roku device.

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Activate PBS on Roku

To access the PBS content, you need to log in with the Email address and select a local PBS affiliate station or pay-TV service provider. We need to activate the PBS account to stream the contents on your RokuOS.

Step 1: Open the PBS channel on your Roku device.

PBS account - Activate Now
PBS account – Activate Now

Step 2: Select Activate Now on the screen.

Activation Code
Activation Code – PBS

Step 3: There will be activation instructions on the screen along with the 7-digit activation code.

Step 4: From the mobile or computer browser, go to the PBS activation site.

Activate Roku for PBS

Step 5: Enter the code on the provided text box. And click Submit.

Sign in
Sign in PBS

Step 6: Now sign in with Facebook or Google, or PBS account. If you don’t have a PBS account, you can create one. In case you have a PBS Passport benefit, sign in with the account credentials you have linked with Passport benefit.

Now a screen will appear, ensuring that your Roku device is activated.

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Alternative Way

You can add the PBS channel on Roku from the Roku Channel Store on other devices like smartphones or PC.

  • Go to the Roku Channel Store ( on a web browser.
  • Log in to the same account as that of your Roku device.
  • Search for the PBS channel.
  • Choose the app from the suggestions.
  • Click Add Channel on the app information page.
  • And then activate the channel to access the contents.

Note: If you own Roku Mobile App on your smartphone, then you can add PBS Video over it to add it to Roku as well. Open Roku app >> Channels tab >> Channel Store tab >> choose a channel >> Add Channel.

Now you can explore and enjoy the contents. Not all the contents are available series and shows before 2006 won’t be available on the PBS channel for Roku. If you face any issues or got any queries, write to us in the comment section below.