Plex is a media streaming service that allows you to stream media anytime and anywhere from your server. It can stream video, audio, photo, etc. on any of the available devices. You could find Plex as a dedicated app for Android, iOS, Apple TV, and many other OS and devices. It has over 100 channels, and you will get the ultimate TV experience. It is good at streaming media from local network devices on smart devices like Apple TV. So let’s look into know how to install and access Plex TV on Apple TV in detail.

How to Install Plex on Apple TV?

Only on two types of Apple TV boxes, we can install Plex media server, and they are

  • Apple TV 4th Generation

The method to install and access Plex on the 4th Gen Apple TV is simple. Because it runs on Apple TV OS and the tvOS has an official Store from which you can install Plex directly.

  • Apple TV 3rd Generation

When it comes to Apple TV 3rd generation, it needs some works and hacks to install Plex on such tvOS devices. It does not have an App Store, and the app installation cannot be done directly.

Note: As far as Apple TV 1st and 2nd Generation, there is no app store or anything that enables you to install and run Plex on it. So, you cannot access Plex on Apple TV 2nd and 1st generation.

Install Plex on Apple TV 4th Generation (Apple TV HD and 4K)

[1] Turn on the Apple TV and connect the device to an uninterrupted Wi-Fi.

[2] Under the App section, navigate to the App store.

App store

[3] Search for Plex and choose the Plex app from the suggestion below.

Plex on Apple TV

[4] Click on Install to download and install Plex on your tvOS.

Plex on Apple TV - install

[5] After installation, click on Open to launch Plex.

[6] Make a note of the four-digit code that appears on your screen.

Plex on Apple TV

[7] From your smartphone or PC browser, visit

[8] Create a new account or sign with your Plex account (If you have already logged in, ignore this step).


[9] Enter the Four digit code in the required field and click on the Link button.

Plex on Apple TV- link

[10] You will receive a confirmation upon successfully linking Plex on both the website and TV simultaneously.

[11] Now Plex will show the media server linked to the account.

plex server

[12] Click on the server and start streaming Plex on Apple TV 4K and HD.

Plex on Apple TV

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Install Plex on Apple TV 3th Generation

It is a tedious process to run Plex on Apple 3rd generation. Before doing this, ensure your Apple Firmware supports versions 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 6.x, and 7.x. So let’s get into the process.

Install the PlexConnect Client on Server Machine

The server machine can either your Windows or Mac PC. So let’s see how to install the server on both the device.

[1] From your PC browser, visit and download the PlexConnect zip file.

On Windows

[2] Unzip the PlexConnect zip file and move it to C:\Program Files (x86). If not available, move to C:\Program Files.

[3] Generate an SSL Certificate using Open SSL.

[4] Inside the PlexConnect folder, open the (Python) file.

Note: Make sure to download Python 2.7.15 or later (Python 3 won’t work).

[5] Click on Allow Access to approve the application by User Account Control (UAC).

On Mac

[2] Unzip the PlexConnect zip file and move it to /Applications/ on your Mac.

[3] Generate an SSL Certificate using Apple Configurator (for more detail, click here).

[4] In Terminal, run the to start the PlexConnect daemon.

Note: Get Python 2.7 or above. (Mac comes with Python 2.7 installed).

[5] Now you can run Plex on tvOS 3rd generation.

Setup DNS on Apple TV

[1] Open DNS Settings from your Apple TV settings.

  • Connected via WiFi – Settings >> General >> Network >> Wi-Fi.
  • Connected via Ethernet – Settings >> General >> Network >> Ethernet.

[2] Change the Automatic DNS settings to Manual.

Plex on Apple TV - DNS

[3] Now, enter your Plex server’s IP address, set up using DHCP reservations. Check for it on your router configuration, in case you don’t remember.

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Install the SSL Certificate on Apple TV

[1] Open your Apple TV settings.

[2] Select General from the menu.

[3] Click on Send to Apple or Send Data to Apple.

send to apple

[4] Choose No for sending data to Apple.

[5] Now within Send Data to Apple, press the Play button on your Apple remote.

[6] In the pop-up dialog box that appears, add a profile to send data from your Apple TV.


[7] The app will allow your Plex server and tvOS to communicate via HTTPS.

Watch or Stream with PlexConnect

Plex on Apple TV

Once your server is connected to PlexConnect, you can access Plex on your Apple TV. Stream using iTunes Movie Trailers App on your Apple TV.


If you have Apple TV 3rd generation and find it difficult to follow the clumsy process given above, then all you need to do is mirror Plex to tvOS from your smartphone or PC.


So that was all on how to install and stream Plex on your tvOS. Depending upon the tvOS you are using, follow the article above to access Plex. In our view, Apple TV 4th gen is the best way to access Plex. If you are using 3rd gen and lower, you can think of upgrading it for better features. Got any queries or suggestions regarding the same? Make use of the comments section below.