Xbox is a gaming console owned by Microsoft corporations. It provides an amazing gaming experience with high FPS, refresh rate, and graphics. Its high-end configuration provides you with the most realistic and seamless gaming experience than ever before. Not only just gaming but also they can be used to use some of the apps that are compatible with Xbox. Like said Amazon prime video is compatible with Xbox and let’s see how to install and watch Prime Video on your Xbox console.

Xbox Console models

ConsolePricing (Approx.)
Xbox One Xstarts from $500
Xbox One Sstarts from $279
Xbox Series X starts from $499
Xbox 360No more available in the market.

How to Install Prime video on Xbox?

[1] Turn on your Xbox console.

[2] Now Login with your Xbox account.

[3] Select Store from the Home screen using the Xbox controller.

Store - Watch Prime Video on Xbox

[4] Choose search from the categories tile.

Search on xbox

[5] Type Amazon prime video in the search bar and click on search.

Search - Watch Prime Video on Xbox

[6] Now click on get it free to download the app on Xbox.

get it free - Watch Prime Video on Xbox

[7] Click Confirm to agree to it terms and conditions.

Confirm terms and conditions

[8] Once the app is downloaded, go back to home screen.

[9] Select My games & Apps.

My apps and games

[10] Now select Apps from the left panel.

[11] Navigate to Prime video from the installed apps.

Amazon prime

[12] Tap on it to open or click on option icon on your Xbox controller and select pin to home screen.

[13] Now you can watch all your favorite movies, TV shows, etc on Amazon Prime video.

Watch Prime Video on Xbox

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Sign up for Amazon prime video

[1] Visit the site in you browser.

[2] Click on sign in from the top right corner of the page.

Sign in - Watch Prime Video on Xbox

[3] If you are already signed in enter your email and password to continue or click on Create your Amazon account.

create your amazon account

[4] Enter your name, email id and password, create your amazon account.

create account - Watch Prime Video on Xbox

[5] Subscribe to monthly/yearly plan (plan start from $8.99 per month)

Pricing - Watch Prime Video on Xbox

[6] Now you can watch all the exclusive content on Amazon prime video.

Now you can watch all your favorite movies, TV shows, and many other videos on Amazon prime video through your Xbox console. If you have any doubts make use of the comment section below.