Samsung’s very own Galaxy Watch is a feature-rich and most popular smartwatch brand. It lets you stay connected with all features that you want without reaching your phone. Right from your wrist, you can call, text, listen to music, pay bills, track activities, and get notifications. Being a top-rival to Apple Watch, it does have lots of impressive features. With its stellar battery life, you can access it for longer while leaving your phone behind. Does Samsung Galaxy Watch Work with iPhone would be the question anyone would get. The same is discussed here in this section in brief.

Does Samsung Galaxy Watch Work with iPhone?

Yes. Galaxy Watch works with iPhone 5 or later model running on iOS 9.0 and later. You need to install the Samsung Galaxy Watch app on your iPhone. Of course, there will be fewer limitations as there exists a difference with the operating system.

How to Pair Samsung Galaxy Watch with iPhone

The below guidelines will help you out with pairing Galaxy Watch with your iPhone.


  • iPhone with iOS 9.0 or later
  • Galaxy Watch
  • Internet connection

1. On your iPhone, navigate on the apps column to click on the App Store icon.

2. Use the search tab to look for the Galaxy Wearable app and click the same from the search results.

3. On its app information page, click on the Get button to download the app on the iPhone.

4. Once the installation completes, press the Open button to launch Galaxy Wearable.

5. Click on Start the Journey and then select the Galaxy Watch.

How to Pair Samsung Galaxy Watch with iPhone

6. If your iPhone scans and displays your Galaxy Watch, click on Connect.

7. On the request prompt, press the Pair option to proceed.

Note: If you don’t find your Galaxy Watch on iPhone, then check if Bluetooth is enabled on the watch. Also, make sure it isn’t connected to other phones.

8. Click on Agree and then Done. With this, Galaxy Watch will be connected to the Galaxy Wearable app on iPhone.

9. Follow the on-screen instructions on your Galaxy Watch to start changing settings, notifications, sound, and display, etc.

Galaxy Watch App on iPhone – Supported Features

Galaxy Watch users can better manage the following features from the iPhone.


With Bluetooth turned on, Galaxy Watch supports calls. i.e. making and receiving calls right from the wrist. Galaxy Watch will display an error message when you pair it with iOS and make calls. Just click on the error message and connect to the Bluetooth that has the same or similar name as your watch.


Unlike Android, pairing with the iPhone doesn’t let you get text messages on Samsung Galaxy Watch. However, it supports displaying notifications when you receive messages on any third-party app. Upon clicking, you can reply to the text messages.


Accessing emails from Galaxy Watch is a partially supported feature. You will get push notifications on your watch. But it is complicated to reply or type an email from Galaxy Watch. However, it supports forwarding an email to a saved contact.


Galaxy Watch paired with the iPhone is a great option to stream music. In other words, listening to songs is a fully supported feature. With the music manager on watch, you can load music with ease. Upon using the IP address on the browser, users can transfer music. When it gets loaded, users can listen to tracks in offline mode.

PPT Control:

Galaxy Watch can function as a fully compatible PPT controller while on a slideshow. It works as a mouse pad in touchpad mode. Just moving the finger on the screen will control the cursor on the PC.


Galaxy Watch users will get almost all of the notifications from native and third-party apps. Users will get vibrating feedback, and you will continue getting even when you haven’t worn the watch.

Fitness & Sleep Tracking:

iPhone supports tracking your workout and fitness activity fully. With the Samsung Health app, you can track your progress and workout history. iPhone supports all the 30 different workouts presets available on the Samsung wearable.

With the built-in Sleep app, Samsung wearable will track your sleep automatically. Users need not require setting up a bedtime as the watch does it without manual intervention. Additionally, the REM or Rapid Eye Movement feature will find sleep and deep sleep. If you want to view your sleep data, you shall need to download the Samsung Health app.

Heart Rate Monitor:

Galaxy Watch gets a heart rate monitor as a standalone feature. The inbuilt Stress calculator also uses a heart rate sensor to deliver accurate details. Just like sleep data, you shall need to get the Samsung Health app to get details about your heart rate.

Voice Assistant:

Samsung’s very own Bixby is included with Galaxy Watch and is partially supported with iPhone pairing. Double pressing the Home button will activate the personal assistance. It works well for alarm, placing calls, and lots of standalone tasks.

Wrap Up

In addition to all these factors, Galaxy Watch fully supports the Find my device feature. It partially supports App Store while there is no support for the camera. Galaxy Watch is not wearable without any flaws when it is used with the iPhone. It does most of its roles without any complication. It is up to the user to decide between using or leaving Galaxy Watch with iPhone. Comment below, and we will resolve your queries.