Dark mode and dark theme are recent sensations in apps and websites. Many social media platforms are rolling out the dark mode as one of the premium features. Skype is not an exception to this. Skype provides a dark theme for both smartphone app and website. Enabling the dark mode will prevent eye strain and minimize battery usage.

Ways to Enable Skype Dark Theme

Skype is a cross-platform service where you use it on smartphones and PCs. Skype app provides the same UI for both Android and iOS devices. Likewise, the UI for the Skype PC app and website are the same. With that, there are two ways to enable the dark mode.

  • Smartphone app
  • PC

Enable Skype Dark Theme: Smartphone App

Step-1: Launch the Skype app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Step-2: Sign in using your Skype account.

Step-3: Tap your Profile Picture on the top of the screen.

Skype Dark Theme

Step-4: Click on the Settings option.

Settings option

Step-5: Select the Appearance menu.

Appearance menu

Step-6: Now, tick the Dark theme checkbox under Modes.

Skype Dark Theme

Step-7: Then, click the Apply option on the top to confirm the changes.

Skype Dark Theme

Enable Skype Dark Theme: PC

Step-1: Visit the Skype website or open the Skype app on your PC.

Step-2: Sign in with your Skype account.

Step-2: Tap the Profile icon on the top left of the screen.

Skype Dark Theme

Step-3: On the pop-up, click the Settings option.

Skype Dark Theme

Step-4: Now, the Settings menu will appear. Click the Appearance option.


Step-5: Under Modes, select the Dark checkbox.

Skype Dark Theme

Step-6: The Skype app or website will be turned to the dark theme.

Skype Dark Theme

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These are the two ways to enable the dark theme. If you want, you can also configure the color with the six colored circles. Skype also offers High contrast dark and High contrast light modes for ease of use. If you have any troubles with the dark theme, let us know in the comments below.