Spotify is the most used music streaming platform. In the app, you can listen to more than 50 million songs, 4 billion playlists, and thousands of podcasts. The platform is available in most of the countries and you can change the language as your country preferences. You can easily install Spotify on Roku as the app is officially available on the Roku Channel Store.

Like Android for Play Store, Roku has Roku Channel Store. You can install any apps, channels, and games from the Roku Channel Store. In the store, more than 4500 channels and games are available. The Roku Channel Store is integrated with the Roku devices. If you use the Search function on your Roku, it will show you results from the Roku Channel Store too. With that, you can install Spotify Music on Roku.

How to Add Spotify on Roku?

(1) Turn on your Roku and get to the Streaming Channels option.

Spotify on Roku

(2) Scroll down to the Search Channels option.

Spotify on Roku

(3) The on-screen keyboard will appear. Type Spotify or Spotify Music and search it.

Spotify on Roku

(4) Select the Spotify Music app from the search results.

(5) Now, on the right side of the screen, click the Add Channel button.

(6) The app will start to download. When the app/channel is downloaded, you will get a confirmation screen. Click OK to proceed further.

(7) Then, go back to the Channel list and open the Spotify app.

(8) Sign in with your Spotify account and listen to your favorite music.

Activate Spotify on Roku

With one Spotify subscription account, you can sign in up to 6 devices. If you want to sign in with your Spotify account that is already in use on your smartphone or PC, you can use this method. This will skip the sign-in process. With this, you will get the same recommendations and the same playlists on your Roku.

(1) On the Roku, open the Spotify app.

(2) It will display the activation code to log in.

Activation Code

(3) Now, on your PC or smartphone, go to and sign in with the Spotify account.

(4) Enter the activation code and click the PAIR button.

Spotify on Roku

(5) When it is paired, you will get a similar screen like this.

Pair your account

(6) After this, you can listen to music and podcasts on Spotify.

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Install the Spotify Music from the Roku Channel Store and listen to all the music & podcasts for free. In the free account, you will get ads. If you want ad-free streaming, buy any of the subscriptions. Activate the Spotify with the activation code and get the same recommendations as your smartphone.