Is it possible to turn on Toshiba TV without its remote? Like other Smart TVs, this comes with an easy-to-use remote. However, it turns on easily without its remote in case of emergencies, like when the remote is lost. However, it is advised to replace your broken or lost remote with a fully-functioning new remote. Today let’s explore more about this topic.

Back in 1875, Toshiba was founded and is thriving through technical expertise. This includes the first-ever color television in 1972. Apart from this, the televisions from Toshiba are known for their sleek design and user-friendly features. Moreover, some excellent features of Toshiba Smart TVs include Quantum dot color, slim full-screen design, built-In Alexa, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos.

Turn on Toshiba TV without a Remote

Toshiba TV comes with a very convenient and user-friendly remote control. Remote control of any device helps you change channels, adjust volume, and make controls on any features on your television. However, in the absence of the remote, it is quite hard to control the TV. To turn on your TV without remote control, follow these easy-peasy steps.


There is a small button (Power Button) on your TV that helps to turn on the television easily. In other words, find this tiny power button on your TV. Press the Power button to turn on your Toshiba Smart TV. In case you cannot find the power button, get hold of your TV manual for help. The button might usually be on the left or right side of your TV.

Universal Remote for Toshiba TV App

You can download, Universal Remote for Toshiba app from the Play Store. This app is a completely free app that acts as a virtual remote for controlling your television. This app detects your TV with the infrared system of your smartphone. The app helps you increase and decrease volume, change channels and use the navigation pad. You can also control streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime on Toshiba Smart TV. However, the Universal Remote app is not an official app from the Toshiba TV company.

These are the two different methods to turn on your Toshiba Smart TV without a remote. All the solutions mentioned here are temporary and even may harm your smart TV. So, buy a new remote from the official site as soon as possible.