Twitch is the most favorite app among gaming enthusiasts. For those unaware, Twitch is a live streaming app created for gamers across the world to connect. With this app, users can live stream gaming videos, including MMO RPG, FPS, and strategy games. Twitch is a platform for live streaming as well as chat with other gamers from anywhere. It supports broadcasting your own gaming content to the world. While it is available for different devices like Android, iOS, PC, etc., you will deal with Twitch on Roku.

How to Install Twitch on Roku?

Unfortunately, Roku has no official Twitch version. Thus the section below will guide you on two alternative approaches. You shall choose,

  • Old Twitch App
  • TTV Stream

Procedure to Get (Old) Twitch App on Roku

This method makes use of your desktop or laptop to use the unofficial or old version of the Twitch app.

1. On your PC, launch the web browser and visit

2. Enter the necessary details and click on the Sign-in button to log into your Roku account.

Sign In

3. Navigate to click on Add Channel with a Code tab.

4. Provide the code as TWITCHTV and click on the Add channel button to proceed.

Enter Channel Code

5. Wait for the channel to add a notification to appear. Further, proceed to restart your Roku device.

6. In some time, you will find an unofficial Twitch app added on your Roku device.

7. Tap on the Twitch tile to launch it on your Roku TV.

Click on Twitch Tile

8. If you get a confirmation message on the screen, select Yes to proceed.

Select Yes

9. On the following screen, select Add Channel button.

Click Add Channel - Twitch on Roku

10. When prompted to enter the PIN, enter it and click OK.

Enter PIN - Twitch on Roku

11. With the confirmation message, you shall start streaming Twitch on your Roku.

Procedure to Get TTV Stream on Roku

With the TTV Stream app, users of Roku can link the account of Twitch and thereby access it. TTV Stream isn’t available on Roku Store, and thus the following steps should be carried out.

1. On your PC, launch a browser and visit

2. Provide the Roku sign in details to log in to your account.

3. Tap on Add Channel button and allow the app to install on Roku.

  • When the app isn’t installed, you need to restart your device.
Select Add Channel

4. To activate the TTV Stream app, visit to enter the activation code as shown on Roku.

Twitch on Roku

5. With this, you shall add the Twitch account to stream the game you want.

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Until the official release of the Twitch app for Roku, you shall choose between either of the methods to watch the games. Got any queries? Leave a comment below.