The VLC media player has been the oldest and most used media player. It is much loved for its compatibility to play all the video and audio formats. This includes even those oldest file formats and a wide range of subtitle support. Being open-source, VLC can be customized as per the user’s need for a better playback experience. Apart from that, it is a full audio player to have filters and equalizers. While it is available for different OS, this section discusses specifically VLC on Roku.

Is VLC on Roku Available?

Currently, Roku Channel Store hasn’t listed the official version of the VLC Player app. Since Roku doesn’t allow third-party apps, there is no way to install VLC on your Roku media player. However, Roku users can access the VLC media player. Learn the procedure from below.

How to Access VLC on Roku – Alternative Methods

Until the VLC app’s official launch, RokuOS users can use the media player features through screencasting or mirroring. VLC on Roku can be screencast from two different platforms.

  • Using Android Smartphone
  • From Windows PC

Before you Cast VLC on Roku

The following changes must be done on Roku Settings prior to screencasting the VLC media player.

1. Begin with pressing the Home button on your Roku remote to highlight Settings.

Select Settings

2. Proceed to select the System option on the following screen.

Select System

3. Select Screen Mirroring option and press OK button on remote.

Choose Screen Mirroring

4. When the Screen mirroring settings window appears, select Screen Mirroring mode.

Select Screen Mirroring Mode

5. Choose between Prompt or Always Allow option to accept screen mirroring from one another device to Roku.

Note: Select Screen Mirroring Devices if the device is already in the Allowed devices.

Access VLC on Roku using Android Smartphone

VLC can be cast to the Roku device from Android 4.4.2 and later. Here is the detailed procedure you need to carry out.

Important: Download and install the latest version of the VLC app from Play Store on your Android device ready.

1. Start with connecting your Android device to the WiFi network as that of Roku.

2. Navigate on the apps column to select the Settings app to open it on your Android handheld.

3. Click on Display or Connection and Sharing based on your Android model.

Select Display - VLC on Roku

4. Then, you should press the Cast or Cast Screen option.

5. Tap to turn on the slider next to Cast. Some devices require selecting Menu and turning on Wireless Display.

Enable Wireless Display - VLC on Roku

6. Now, you need to select the Roku TV name to connect it to the Android device.

7. If the connection gets established, you’ll find an Android screen on your Roku TV.

8. With this, launch the VLC media player from the apps column on an Android phone.

9. Access the media library and the same will be shown on your Roku TV.

How to Access VLC Player from Windows PC?

The VLC media player is available as a dedicated app for the Windows platform. You can screen cast it to Roku player with the following steps.

Important: Make sure you have downloaded VLC player from Microsoft Store on your Windows PC.

1. Connect your Windows PC to the home WiFi as that of your Roku.

2. Hover to the lower-left portion of the Windows PC to click on the Notification icon.

3. You shall need to select the Connect tile under Collapse.

Select Connect tile - VLC on Roku

4. After the scanning process completes, click on the Roku TV name.

5. Launch VLC media player on your Windows PC to access any media. The same will be screencast to Roku TV.

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Try this Way!

Windows PC users can try this way to cast VLC to Roku player. This method uses only the VLC app on the PC.

1. On your PC, open VLC media player app.

2. Choose any media to start playing on the player.

3. Navigate to its menu bar to select Playback option.

4. On the expanded menu bar, select Renderer.

Select Renderer

5. Choose the Roku player name and the screen will get cast.

6. On Insecure Site prompt, make a click on View certificate.

View Certificate - VLC on Roku

7. Select Accept Permanently button to accept the certificate.

Accept permanently - VLC on Roku

That’s all about using the VLC media player on Roku player or TV. Did you face any difficulties or want us to address related issues? Drop a comment.