In the time of digital streaming platforms, a lot has changed in how we watch movies. Streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offers tons of video titles to watch with a monthly or yearly subscription fee. But the Vudu app is unique from all of those streaming platforms. You can buy or rent a single video title and watch it anytime you want. Also, you can install the Vudu app on Firestick and other streaming devices.

In the Vudu app, there is no monthly or yearly subscription. You can buy or rent your favorite movie when released on the platform and watch it any time you want. There are also some free movies that you can watch without spending any movie. The only disadvantage of the Vudu app is that it is not available on the Amazon App Store. You have to sideload the Vudu app on your Firestick using any third-party installers.

Preparing Firestick to Sideload Vudu

While sideloading an app, you have to tweak some settings in your Amazon Fire TV Stick device. You need to turn on the Apps from Unknown Sources feature to allow the third-party installer to install apps on Firestick. To do so,

(1) Turn on your Firestick and click the Settings option on the top.

Settings option

(2) On the Settings menu, choose the My Fire TV. If you are using 1st Fire TV, choose the Devices option.

My Fire TV

(3) Select the Developer options on the list of options.

Vudu on Firestick

(4) Choose the Apps from Unknown Sources to turn on.

Vudu on Firestick

(5) Click the Turn On button to confirm the selection.

Vudu on Firestick

Install Vudu on Firestick Using Downloader

(1) Connect your Firestick to Wi-Fi and go to the Lens icon on the home screen.

Vudu on Firestick

(2) Search for Downloader on the on-screen keyboard.

Vudu on Firestick

(3) Select the Downloader app from the list of apps that appeared.


(4) Tap the Download icon to download and install the Downloader app.

Download button

(5) After the installation, click the Open icon.

Open button

(6) For the time, the app will ask permission to access the Firestick library. Click the Allow button.

Vudu on Firestick

(7) Now, go to the Search bar and type the Vudu app’s download link, Then, click the Go button

Vudu on Firestick

(8) The apk file download. After that, click the Install button.

Install button

(9) Now, press the Done button to close the installation screen.

Done button

How to Setup Vudu on Firestick

(1) Open the Vudu app on your Firestick.

(2) Click Sign In or Sign Up. Enter your email and password.

Vudu on Firestick

(3) After the sign in, you will get the Success! screen. Click the Browse Vudu button.

Success! screen

(4) Browse through movies and series you like.

By now, you have installed and set up the Vudu app on your Firestick. Choose your favorite movie from the app and buy or rent it. Instead of spending your money on a monthly and yearly subscription, buy the movie when it is needed in the Vudu app. Share your thoughts about the Vudu app in the comments below.