Deezer is a music streaming platform like Spotify and Pandora. With Deezer on Fitbit, you can listen to millions of songs, playlists, and podcasts. Deezer is one of the fewest music apps that are available for Fitbit Versa and other Fitbit smartwatches. To access Deezer’s contents, you need to buy a subscription worth $9.99 per month with a 90-day free trial.

Deezer app comes as a pre-installed app on the Fitbit smartwatch in many countries. If the app is not available, you can install the app manually from the Fitbit App Gallery. After the installation, you need to activate the app from the Deezer website. Let see how to do it.

Install Deezer on Fitbit Smartwatch

(1) Turn on your Fitbit Watch and make sure that it is paired with a smartphone.

(2) Open the Fitbit app on your smartphone and tap the Profile icon on the top left corner.

Profile icon

(3) Select your Fitbit smartwatch from the list of devices.

Deezer on Fitbit

(4) Now, click the Apps icon on the screen.

Deezer on Fitbit

(5) Tap the Search icon on the top and search for the Deezer app.

Search icon

(6) Choose the Deezer app and click the Install button.

(7) After the app is installed, you can see the Deezer app on your Fitbit smartwatch.

Deezer on Fitbit

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Activate Deezer on Fitbit Smartwatch

(1) Open the Deezer app on your Fitbit smartwatch.

(2) It will show you the activation code. Note down the code.

(3) On your smartphone or PC, go to the Deezer Activation website.

(4) Enter the activation code and click the Submit Code button.

Deezer on Fitbit

(5) To link your Deezer account, you need to sign in with your subscribed Deezer account.

Deezer on Fitbit

(6) Now, open the Fitbit app on your smartphone and tap on your profile picture.

(7) Go to Media –> Deezer –> Add Music.

Add Music button

(8) Add all the music files and playlists that you want.

Deezer on Fitbit

(9) Now, plug your smartwatch into the charger. The music files will be downloaded automatically. You can check the download progress on the watch screen.

Use Deezer on Fitbit Smartwatch

(1) Connect any of the Bluetooth Audio devices to your smartwatch.

(2) Open the Deezer app and play any of the music files.

(3) You can listen to music on the connected Bluetooth audio device.

(4) You can control the playback from your smartwatch.

The steps may look long but definitely worth it. Once you install and activate the Deezer app on your Fitbit smartwatch, you can listen to your favorite songs with a single tap. Subscribe to Deezer to get millions of songs and podcasts. If you want to know more about Fitbit smartwatches, follow our space.