Creating a QR Code for your WiFi is a great way to share your WiFi password securely. Nowadays, it is impossible to live without the internet, and the world has heavily dependent on this technology. To get things going, people want internet connection in public places too. It includes hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, metro stations, and more places. Instead of providing your password in plain text paper or boards, you can share it through a QR code to secure the WiFi password which can be easily done using a free online QR code generator.

Moreover, most public places have recently opted for the WiFi QR code to make access to WiFi networks without revealing the password. Now, the next question will be how to generate a QR code for the WiFi network? You can make use of our free online QR code generator to create a WiFi QR code for free.

How to Generate QR Code for WiFi

Step 1: Open our QR Code generator on a web browser.

Step 2: On the top of the screen, you will have options to create different types of QR codes. Tap the WiFi menu to get the WiFi QR code generator.

QR Code Generator for WiFi

Step 3: Enter your network name on the box which labelled as SSID.

Step 4: Choose the Network type for your network. You will have three options: WEP, WPA/WPA2, and no encryption.

QR Code Generator for WiFi

Step 5: Enter the password that you assigned for the network.

Step 6: Now, customize the QR code by selecting a size, background color, the shape of the dots, and marker border. You can configure the QR code to use the transparent background.

Step 7: Now, select a WiFi logo available on the online library or upload a new logo from your storage.

Step 8: Finally, tap Generate QR Code to get the code.

QR Code Generator for WiFi

Step 9: Once the code is generated, you can download it to your device in PNG or SVG format. Tap the Print icon to send the QR code to the printer.

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Now, print the QR code and paste it on a wall or whichever surface you need. By scanning the QR code on the smartphone camera, the device will be connected to the WiFi network automatically. It will be very helpful when you have too many guests in your home and you don’t want to share the password with everyone.