Xfinity Stream transforms your home entertainment from the Samsung Smart TV. It has contents for every need with more than 200 live channels support that you love. Access the on-demand shows and movies in addition to live sports, news, shows, etc. It supports scheduling DVR recordings, downloading recordings to watch it offline. With all these and more features, you can install the Xfinity app for Samsung smart TV and start using the features.

How to Install the Xfinity App for Samsung Smart TV?

The steps given below will let you install the Xfinity app on the compatible Samsung TV models.

Important! Xfinity Stream Beta version is available on select models of Samsung Models to released after 2017 to 2019.

1. Connect the Samsung TV to the internet as soon as you turn it on.

2. On the Smart Control remote, press the Smart Hub button.

3. On the Samsung Home screen, scroll and select Apps.

Select Apps to get Xfinity App on Samsung TV

4. Navigate to select Magnifying Glass or the Search icon.

5. Type in as Xfinity Stream using the screen keyboard and select Done.

6. Choose Xfinity Stream Beta app and select Download.

7. Wait for the installation to complete and select Open to launch Xfinity Stream Beta app on Samsung TV.

Steps to Activate & Use

With the installation of the Xfinity Stream app on Samsung Smart TV, the following steps need to be carried out to use it further.

1. Go to the Samsung Hub app and launch the Xfinity Stream app.

2. On the Welcome screen, select Get Started to proceed.

  • If you have already activated, then the device will show you the main menu.
Select Get Started on Xfinity App on Samsung TV

3. Now, the activation code will be shown on the Samsung TV.

Activation Code to use Xfinity App  on Samsung TV

4. Open a browser on one another device like PC or phone.

5. Visit to reach the activation screen.

6. Provide the six digit activation code shown on the Samsung TV and press Continue.

Enter Code

7. Enter the username, password and tap on Sign in button.

  • If you see Success message, then Samsung TV has been activated.
Select Sign In

8. On your Samsung Smart TV, you will see Terms of Activation. Read the terms and select Yes.

  • Selecting No Thanks will take you back to the Welcome screen of Xfinity Stream app.
Select Yes

9. Provide a name to your TV and choose Confirm option.

Provide Device Name to use Xfinity App on Samsung TV

10. Now the home screen of Xfinity App will appear and you can use it.

Xfinity Stream on Samsung Smart TV

You can, therefore, stream Xfinity Stream app content on Samsung Smart TV. In case if you want to get in touch with us, then you may leave a comment below.