Live TV streaming is much better with Xfinity Stream app. This streaming service has must-watch TV shows, movies, live sports, news, etc. Besides this, the Xfinity app has thousands of on-demand shows. It has more than 200 live TV channels compatibility. Users can schedule DVR recordings, download recordings to watch them offline, and more. While it is available for different devices, it is yet to be compatible with Vizio TV. The unavailability of the Xfinity app doesn’t mean it cannot be accessed. There are some alternative ways to have in which the Xfinity app on Vizio smart TV can be accessed.

How to Access Xfinity App on Vizio Smart TV?

Vizio TV users can still access Xfinity app despite its unavailability with the help of the following ways.

Screen Casting

Since the Xfinity app is a cast-ready app, you can make use of it to screen cast to Vizio TV which comes with the built-in Chromecast support.

Things you Require

  • Casting device (Android or iOS or PC with Chrome browser)
  • Latest version of Xfinity app
  • Uninterrupted WiFi connection

Using Smartphone (Android or iOS)

(1) Connect your casting device (Android or iOS) and Vizio TV to the same WiFi.

(2) Go the apps column of casting device to launch Xfinity app.

(3) Press the Cast icon on the app to let it scan for available devices.

(4) Now, select the Vizio TV name among the available devices list.

(5) Wait for your smartphone screen to cast to Vizio TV.

(6) With this, search or browse video to play the content on your smartphone and the same will be screencast to Vizio TV.

Using PC (Chrome Browser)

(1) Connect PC and Vizio TV to the same home WiFi connection.

(2) Launch the Chrome web browser on your laptop or computer.

(3) Visit the official web page of Xfinity (

Xfinity Stream on PC

(4) Hover to the top of the screen to click the Sign In option to log in to your Xfinity account with the necessary credentials.

(5) Now, right click anywhere on the screen to select Cast option.

  • Otherwise, click on Menu icon of Chrome to choose Cast option.
Select Cast

(6) You shall need to wait for Chrome to show the available devices. Select the name of your Vizio TV.

(7) Click on Sources drop-down to choose the Cast tab option to cast a PC screen to Vizio TV.

(8) Choose to play a video from the Xfinity app and the same will be available on Vizio TV.

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Alternative Methods

You can use external devices to watch Xfinity Stream on your Vizio Smart TV as well.

Xfinity App on Vizio Smart TV Using Firestick

Firestick is an Xfinity compatible streaming device. With this, Vizio TV users can stream Xfinity with ease.

(1) First of all, connect Firestick into the HDMI port of Vizio TV.

(2) Power on the Firestick and wait for it to show you the home screen.

(3) Select the Magnifier icon available at the top-left to type as Xfinity.

(4) Choose Xfinity when a list of similar contents appear as suggestions.

(5) Under Apps & Games, you need to select the Xfinity Stream tile.

(6) Highlight Get or Download option to download Xfinity app on Firestick.

(7) When you see the Open button, select it to launch it on Firestick connected Vizio TV.

Xfinity app on Vizio TV using Firestick

Note: If in case Xfinity is geo-restricted, then use Downloader or ES File Explorer to get it with URL

Xfinity App on Vizio Smart TV Using Roku

Xfinity is available as a beta version for Roku. So, Vizio TV can use Roku to stream Xfinity on Vizio TV.

(1) Initially, you need to plug in the Roku to the Vizio smart TV’s HDMI port.

(2) Power it on and connect it to the home WiFi or internet.

(3) On the Roku home screen, select Streaming Channels option.

(4) Choose Search Channels on the next screen to search for Xfinity on Roku.

(5) Highlight Xfinity Stream Beta and press OK button on remote to learn about it.

(6) Select Add Channel on the app info screen to get it on Roku.

(7) If in case you have set a Roku PIN, then enter to complete its downloading process.

(8) Activate the device ( and start streaming its contents right on your couch.

Xfinity app on Vizio TV using Roku

There are ways in which you can still access the Xfinity app on Vizio TV. We will update the article once Vizio TV gets the official version of the Xfinity app.