Sony Smart TVs are one of the top-selling best smart TVs available in the market. Most of the Sony Smart TVs work based on the Android operating system. Android is by Google, as we all know. Almost all the Google apps like Play Store, Play Movies, Play Music are all preinstalled on smart TVs. Likewise, YouTube will be available by default on most Sony Smart TVs. This article focuses on how to use YouTube on Sony Smart TV. Supposedly, if the YouTube app is missing, you will find ways to reinstall it. Going further, this section guide you with troubleshooting YouTube on Sony TV.

YouTube on Sony Smart TV

You don’t have to install the YouTube app if available or installed on the device already. All you should do is find YouTube from the installed apps, launch it, and start using it. But what if the app is missing or uninstalled by mistake? We have got the solution, and you can install YouTube from the Play Store.

Install YouTube on Sony TV

Almost all of the Sony TVs are based on the Android operating system. With the support of the Google Play Store, you can download YouTube for Sony smart Television. Follow the procedure given below for the installation of the same.

Step 1: Turn on your Sony TV and connect it to the internet.

Step 2: Press the home button with the compatible remote controller.

Play Store on Sony TV
Play Store on Sony TV

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Step 3: On the home screen, navigate to the Apps section. Then select Google Play Store and open it. In Android 8.0 Oreo, you need to find Apps >> Get More Apps >> Play Store.

Step 4: On the search bar, type YouTube using the on-screen keyboard. Or search for the app using the voice search feature.

Step 5: Choose the YouTube app tile from the suggestions.

Step 6: Click on the Install tab on the app installation page. Allow the YouTube app to download and get installed on your Sony TV.

How to Use YouTube on Sony Television?

To launch YouTube on the Sony televison, use one of the following ways.

Sony TV remote
Sony TV remote
  • Most of the Sony smart TV remote would have a dedicated button for YouTube. You can bring the app by just pressing the button.
  • Alternatively, press the home button on the remote. Navigate on the Apps section and scroll to find the YouTube app. Select the tile and open it.

You can either login to your YouTube account or just start using the app to browse and view contents.

Troubleshoot YouTube Not Working Issues

If you find YouTube on Sony TV not working, you can try one of the troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issues.

  • Check for the internet connection, whether it is stable or not.
  • Close and open the app.
  • Restart your Sony smart TV.
  • Check for the app or Sony TV firmware updates.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app to start over.

Remember: If your Sony smart TV is manufactured in 2012 and before you cannot use YouTube. If you try using the app it won’t open or display an error message.

Update YouTube app on Sony Smart TV

You can set Auto Update Apps to update the apps automatically whenever a new one is available.

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Then go to Settings.
  • Now choose Auto-Update Apps.
  • Then select Auto-Update Apps anytime.

That was all about YouTube on Sony smart TV. If you have any queries regarding this, you can write to us in the comment section below.