The Heart Symbol (♥) is a very commonly used emoji while chatting on social media. But you know what? While drafting something in your computer keyboard you will not find such emojis. So what is the way to type or get the heart Symbol from a Keyboard? Let’s know how to do it.

Get Heart Symbol from Keyboard

In Windows

Alt Codes: In Laptops and Desktops that have MS Windows OS a simple technique called Alt codes can be used to type heart Symbol. You can use this method to type all Frequently used Emojis.

In order to get the Heart Symbol press and hold the Alt key then press 3 on the Number panel on the right side of your keyboard.


  • 3 – ♥
  • 1 – ☺
  • 2 – ☻
  • 4 – ♦

Likewise you can get various frequently used emojis.

In Laptop you have to Enable Number lock (NumLk). Then hold the Alt key and press number 3. In few Laptops, you got to press Alt + Fn + 3.

Remember Alt + 3 (3 from the upper number panel of the keyboard don’t work).

Shift States: Configure your Keyboard layout in Windows by Settings >> Time and Language >> Language. You can assign various characters to the combination of Keys in the Keyboard. So it will help you in getting various Emojis without any difficulties by simply combining the keys.

Character Map: Start >> Accessories >> Character Map. This will help you to get various characters with respect to the Font used. Just select the Fonts and click Ok.

Character Map

In MAC Book

Character Pallet: Press Command + Option + T to get the Pallet or Edit >> Special Characters to open the Character Pallet. Select the Desired Heart Character and click OK.

Character Pallet -

Symbol Viewer: Go to System Preferences >> Keyboard >> Check the box near Show Keyboard and Emoji Viewers in the Menu bar. A viewer button will be there in the Menu bar. Click and select Show Emojis and Symbols. Choose the correct Emoji to get your heart.

Symbol Viewer

In LINUX Keyboard

Unicode Hex Codes: This can only produce symbols on LINUX but still there are three different ways to get other Emojis. Hold Ctrl + Shift + U then put on the code. 2665 (♥), 2764 (Red ♥).

Character Map: Character map is set of symbols that go ahead with the fonts used. You can select the desire heart and copy in order to insert.

These are few ways to get your favorite emoji from your keyboard. Let us know in the comment section if you know any other way.