Nintendo Switch is a great gadget to play your favorite games. Apart from gaming, you can also connect Nintendo with your TV to stream programs from various streaming services. With the popularity of Netflix increasing by the day, a lot of people are searching for ways to download Netflix on Nintendo. Is it possible to download Netflix on Nintendo Switch? Let’s find out the answer in this guide.

Does Nintendo Switch have Netflix?

No. Netflix is currently not downloadable on Nintendo Switch. The console gives access to your favorite media content from apps like YouTube, Hulu, and a few more. Earlier, the Nintendo Wii console has provided access to download the Netflix app. However, it was stopped in January 2019. With Nintendo Switch allowing YouTube and Hulu, we can expect Netflix to arrive on Switch very soon.

How to Download and Setup Netflix on Nintendo 3DS?

Alert – Users residing in the US and Canada can access the Netflix programs on Nintendo 3DS family consoles by downloading the official Netflix app from the eShop. Users residing outside the country cannot find Netflix on eShop.

Netflix on Nintendo 3DS supports streaming videos only at 480p. Just like other devices, it also supports enabling subtitles and changing the video language (if available).

Netflix on Nintendo Switch

1. Launch your Nintendo 3DS and tap the eShop icon on its home screen.

2. With the help of the search bar, search and find the Netflix app.

3. Once you find the app, select Tap Here to Download.

4. Click Next and then select Download.

5. Once the application is downloaded, click the Home button on your console.

6. Press the A button and select the Netflix app for two times.

7. Press A to close the eShop and then launch the Netflix app from the home screen.

8. Configure your Netflix login credentials and start streaming your favourite movies or TV shows.

Netflix on Nintendo Switch

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How to Sign Out of Netflix on Nintendo 3DS?

1. With the Netflix app launched on your Nintendo 3DS, press the following keys in sequence:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up and Up

2. Select Sign out.

3. Sign in to your new Netflix account.

Have you tried Netflix on your console? Or is there a way to access Netflix on Nintendo Switch? Comment your feedback and suggestions below.