Apple TV has been the most trusted streaming media player. The fact is it guarantees the best streaming experience. Despite streaming live TV, movies, and TV shows, Apple TV can also be used for educational purposes. Thus the multi-user profile support is an additional advantage. Making kids learn lessons and other content is much more convenient and fun with Apple TV. Besides kids, even others can make use of the compatible learning apps on Apple TV. Thus you can create a profile for you as well as your kids to access education apps. Get to know the best educational apps for Apple TV that goes well for kids and adults. Our recommendations will help you as well as your kids explore something new from the big screen.

Best Educational Apps for Apple TV

Here goes our handpicked list of top educational apps that can be accessed from Apple TV.

For Kids

  • Endless Learning Academy
  • Epic
  • PlayKids
  • PBS Kids Video
  • NASA

Endless Learning Academy

  • Free | Subscription costs $7.99/mo | 7-day free trial

If you are about to join your kids in school, you shall access the Endless Learning Academy app. It is the best educational apps for Apple TV as it lets kids learn all the basics and beyond. This app is completely interactive, and thus kids will find it easy to understand while having fun with endless monsters.

Endless Learning Academy

It uses interactive learning activities for different topics like ABC’s, reading, vocabulary, spelling, phonics, counting, music, arithmetic, art and coloring, etc. Besides this, it also has activity-based learning, and thus kids can learn through video lessons.


Free | Subscription cost starts at $4.99

Let your kids explore their interests and learn ebooks, audiobooks, quizzes, and more with Epic. This is the most trusted Apple TV education app preferred by educators. There are more than 40000 books and learning videos. Epic brings personalized recommendations based on the age, level, and interests of kids.

Epic - Best Educational Apps for Apple TV

Since it supports up to four child profiles, parents can track the kid’s progress. It is the go-to learning app to feature the originals that are created thoughtfully. Thus, the Epic app creates curiosity and builds reading confidence for the kids.


Free | Subscription costs $6.99

PlayKids is one of the best Educational Apps for Apple TV that features all the kid’s favorites. It includes characters, shows, and learning games. The games and activities available on the PlayKids app will simulate kids learning skills, teamwork, and awareness about the world. There are more than 3000 videos, games, books, and cartoons available for kids.


It brings curated content that is not only safe but also age-appropriate. PlayKids app has activities that will let children learn new languages. With the best-in-class parental controls, you can choose cartoons that your child can watch.

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PBS Kids Video


Give your kids better learning about the favorite things with the PBS Kids Video app. It is one of the best educational apps that help children to learn and grow. With PBS Kids Video, you can live stream educational videos as well as TV shows.

PBS Kids Video - Best Educational Apps for Apple TV

It provides a child-friendly viewing experience and is suitable for kids of all ages. New videos will be updated every Friday, and thus kids will find interesting content.



Learning about space and associated content is made easy and interesting with the NASA app. It is one best educational apps for Apple TV that lets you watch the latest NASA events in real-time. You can watch a live view of the earth from the International Space Station.

NASA - Best Educational Apps for Apple TV

With the NASA TV app, you can read the latest news, feature stories, on-demand NASA videos, and lots more. Users of the NASA app can watch live streaming videos from the HDEV experiment on the ISS. It is a great app to discover the latest NASA mission information.

For Adults

Learning things isn’t only for kids, and thus anyone can use Apple TV and access the contents from the best educational apps.

  • Coursera
  • MasterClass
  • TED
  • Skillshare

Free | Subscription Costs $34.99 (Includes free trial)

Learning new content is very easy with the app. It is one of the best educational apps for Apple TV for those who are looking to upgrade themselves. It is a comprehensive online learning platform with which you can access courses. - Best Educational Apps for Apple TV

The courses cover everything, from technology to creativity and business skills. It even brings you personalized course recommendations. It supports downloading courses and access them offline. With multi-platform support, you can sync your course history and pick up from where you have left off on any device.


Free | Subscription cost starts at $34.99

Build your skills with the latest courses by using the Coursera app. It is an Apple TV compatible educational app to achieve your goals. Coursera provides certified courses in business, computer science, etc. Users can access its full catalog of 3500+ courses in 10 topic areas.


With its on-demand training and development programs, users can upskill the organization. Get in-depth learning with hands-on projects, self-paced quizzes, etc. It offers courses in different languages or uses subtitles or transcripts.


Free | Subscription costs $179.99

With MasterClass on Apple TV, users get the chance to learn different things. It has more than 90 classes covering nine different categories. It includes business, arts and entertainment, food, home, lifestyle, sports, music, games, etc. You can watch the world-class instructors’ stories, skills, and more.


MasterClass adds new classes regularly, and thus you will find interesting content every time. Users will get an extensive learning experience with hands-on demo and cinematic visuals.


Free | Subscription costs $11.99

If you want to enhance your thoughts with meaningful ideas, then choose TED. It is one of the best educational apps for Apple TV, where you will find interesting topics. With TED, you will also find the most inspiring and motivational content. It brings personalized recommendations based on your interests.

TED - Best Educational Apps for Apple TV

You can even browse content based on topic or curated picks. Currently, TED supports watching videos in over 100 languages with subtitles. You can even download the videos to watch offline or add them to watch later.


Free | Subscription costs $18.99 | 30-day Trail

Skillshare is a learning community app that will take your creativity to the next level. It covers topics including illustration, calligraphy, drawing, hand lettering, icon design, and more. With Skillshare, users will learn using creative tools like Illustrator, Fresco, Procreate, Photoshop, and more.

Skillshare - Best Educational Apps for Apple TV

There are hundreds of free classes available with the Skillshare app, and they will help you out with real-life. In addition, it can be used for your business needs as well. It can be used for finding inspiration content, and hence you can improve your creativity level.

You shall try out any of the above listed educational apps to learn things you are interested in. Hope the section is useful to you. If you have queries, then feel free to ask us in the comment box.