On some keyboard, you may not find the key to enter the euro symbol (€). But, it is not difficult to enter the euro symbol on all types of keyboards. You just need to know a few tricks or shortcut keys to enter that popular symbol while writing. Long press the ALT key and enter the shortcut code assigned for that symbol.

How to Type Euro Symbol (€) on Keyboard?

If your Windows device has a numeric keyboard, press ALT and then type 0128 to get the euro symbol. You can also use another shortcut: CTRL + ALT + 4 if your keyboard is assigned to the United Kingdom.

If you’re a Mac user, get the € symbol by pressing ALT + Shift + 2. Depending on the keyboard, the ALT key may be labeled as Options. In that case, press Options + Shift + 2.

Euro Symbol on keyboard

Copy & Paste

One of the easiest ways to enter the euro symbol is by copying the symbol from a web page or any other document. Select the euro symbol, press CTRL + C to copy it, and paste it on your content by simply pressing CTRL + V.

Copy and Paste: €

You can also copy the symbol from some of the web pages who’re providing access to enter and copy the symbols.

How to Insert Euro Symbol (€) on MS Office?

The scenario changes entirely while using Microsoft apps. However, the process is very simple. On Microsoft apps, you can use either shortcut code or the built-in Insert option.

  • Select Insert on the menu bar.
  • Under the Symbol section, click the drop-down icon located below the Symbol menu and select the euro symbol.
Euro Symbol on Microsoft apps

Enter Euro Symbol (€) on Smartphones

Euro € on Smartphone

Unlike desktops, entering the euro symbol is a lot easier in Smartphones. On your keyboard, press the symbols icon and select the € symbol. If you can’t find that symbol, long-press your currency symbol and then select the euro symbol. It works on both Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) device keyboards.

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