A copyright symbol (©) is a special identifier that notifies the people that someone has dominion over the original creation. If you’re an owner of some copyrighted product or work, you may wonder how to insert a copyright symbol using a keyboard on Windows and Mac. As keyboards don’t have specific keys for copyright symbols, some of the users may search for ways to enter the copyright symbol. If you’re one among them, here is the guide to enter that symbol.

Keyboard Shortcut for Copyright Symbol

The best and easiest way to insert a copyright symbol is by using Keyboard shortcuts. On your Windows keyboard, press and hold the Alt key and then type 0169 for the copyright symbol. On your Mac devices, press the Option key + G key for the © symbol. The above-mentioned code is also applicable to MS Office apps.

Alternative Way to Type Copyright Symbol on Windows and Mac

Apart from keyboard shortcuts, you can also type the copyright symbol on Windows and Mac by using the Character Map tool.

On Windows:

1. Press the Start menu and type Map.

2. Open the Character Map app.

You can also open Character Map by entering “charmap” on the Run dialog box.

Copyright Symbol on Keyboard

3. Find the Copyright sign and double tap on the symbol.

Copyright Symbol on Keyboard

4. Tap the Copy menu to copy the symbol.

Copyright Symbol on Keyboard

5. Now, paste the symbol anywhere you want by simply pressing CTRL + V keys.

On Mac:

1. Go to Finder menu on your Mac.

2. Select Edit and then, click Emoji & Symbols.

You can open the Character viewer tool on Mac by simply pressing the Control + Command + Space keys.

3. On the left-side menu panel, click Letterlike Symbols.

4. Find the copyright sign and right-click on it.

Upon clicking the sign, you can find different shades of copyright sign on the bottom right corner of the app.

5. Select Copy Character Info to copy the symbol to the clipboard and then, paste it anywhere you want.

Do you know any other way to insert a copyright symbol on your computer? Share a word about this guide by using the below comments segment.