Wallpapers are the important one for all the devices like iPhone, iPad, and PCs. In smartwatches, wallpapers are termed as watch faces. In smartwatches, from Apple Watch to all the other Android-build watches, you can customize the watch face to any picture you want. You can change the watch face in Garmin easily when compared to other smartwatches. It follows straight forward steps without any workaround process.

Garmin Watches have two types of control. You can use the touch screen or you can use the mechanical buttons to navigate between the options. In Garmin, you can customize each and every element in a watch face. The smartwatch allows you to customize the hands, dials, and more.

How to Change Garmin Watch Face?

(1) Press the Home button to open the options. If it is touch-enabled, tap and hold the touchscreen.

Change Garmin Watch Face

(2) Choose the Watch Face option.

Change Garmin Watch Face

(3) Select the preferred watch face by clicking the top right button. Press the left side down button to change the watch face. If it is touch-enabled, you can swipe to change the watch face.

Change Garmin Watch Face

(4) If you want to customize the details in the watch face, choose the Customize option.

Apply button

(5) Now, it will ask you to choose from Dail, Hands, Data, Accent Color, and Bkgd. Color. Choose the one that you need to customize.

Dial option

(6) When you chose all the customization options, click on the Apply button to make the changes.

Add New Garmin Watch Face

(1) On the Watch Face option, scroll down and you will see Add New option. Tap on it.

(2) You will get different watch faces that are not available in the above steps.

(3) Choose the watch face you want to add.

(4) Three options will appear. Apply, Customize, and Delete. Choose the preferred option.

(5) Click the Done button to apply all the changes.

Install New Garmin Faces from Smartphone App

(1) Install Garmin’s Connect IQ Store app from the Play Store or App Store.

(2) Open the app and sign in with your Garmin account.

Note: The account must be the same as your Garmin Watch account.

(3) Navigate to the Digital Watch Faces option.

(4) Now, you get the Top-rated, Most-downloaded watch faces that are created by the Garmin community.

(5) Press the Download icon corresponds to the watch face.

(6) Then, go to Appearance –> Watch Face. You will see the downloaded watch faces.

(7) Click on the Install button. After the installation is completed, sync the Garmin watch with the app.

(8) After the syncing, the new watch face will appear on the Watch Face menu.

How to Create Garmin Watch Faces?

(1) Install the Watch Face Builder app on your Garmin watch.

(2) Then, sync the watch and the Connect IQ Store app.

(3) Now, go to Appearance –> Watch Faces.

(4) Select the Watch Face Builder option.

(5) Go to Settings and start creating your own Garmin watch face.

(6) When completed, install the watch face and apply it on your Garmin watch.

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The watch face customization options available on the Garmin watch is not even available on the Apple Watch. Make use of all the customization options in the Garmin watch face and customize your own watch face. Change the Garmin watch face with your innovation and creativity. Share your customized watch face in the comments below.