Roku is one of the most popular streaming devices and TV manufacturers. Roku store has a large collection of apps and streaming platforms within its Roku store like Netflix, Hulu, prime video, Sling TV, etc. You can watch any of your favorite movies, TV shows, and entertainment shows on Roku with a stable internet connection. At times you may need to reset your Roku device and today let us see how to do it.

Need to Reset Roku

Sometimes your Roku might hang or malfunction due to some errors or bugs available in any of the apps you use. It happens mostly when you switch among multiple apps on your Roku continuously and also sometimes due to a poor internet connection. The error will be mostly recovered when the internet is back or if you update your Roku device. You can also reset your Roku if you are about to return or sell your Roku device.

Ways to Reset Roku

There are two types of reset done on Roku and they are

  • Soft Reset
  • Hard / Force Reset

A soft reset is done when there is a problem with the app in your Roku device. If it doesn’t work, and the device didn’t respond after the soft reset, you can go for a Hard reset.

Soft Reset on Roku

1) Click on Home button on your Roku remote.

Roku home

2) Now navigate to Settings from the menu.

Settings - How To Reset Roku?

3) Under Settings click on System.

System setting

4) Select Advance system settings.

Advance system settings

5) Now select factory reset.

Factory reset

6) Enter the pin to start the factory reset.

Note: Pin required only if enabled or else the factory reset will start automatically.

Now your device undergoes a reset and restartss with default settings. Now follow the on-screen instructions to start using your Roku device as you did for the first time.

Hard / Force Reset on Roku

Hard/Force reset on Roku needs to be done only when the soft reset doesn’t work or the screen freezes.

Warning: Hard reset is not advisory. If you are facing such an error you can call the customer service person to clarify the problems.

Step 1: Press and hold the reset button firmly for about 10 seconds (Reset button found on the back or bottom of each device)

Note: There are two types of Reset buttons available: Tactile and Pinhole

reset button - How To Reset Roku?
  • Tactile – If you have a tactile type reset button just press and hold it with your fingers.
  • Pinhole – If you have a pinhole type reset button then you need a paperclip or some blunt pin to press and hold it.

Step 2: You can release your reset button when the power light starts blinking rapidly and your reset will get initiated.

Once the hard/soft reset is performed, it will clear all your personal preferences, linked accounts and all saved settings removed instantly and return your device new.

If your device is not responding well, these are some of the ways to reset your Roku device. Let us know what you think about the article in the comment section below.