Safe mode on Android is similar to the Safe mode on your computer. If your Android phone is not working properly or brings any glitches, then turning on the safe mode will help you find the bugs. When you turn on safe mode on AndroidOS, a part of your phone functionalities might not work. You won’t be able to see a few apps in your Apps column as well. In other words, Safe mode will help you with using only a few basic functionalities. If you are stuck in safe mode, then you can easily turn off safe mode on your Android. Here we have discussed the different ways to turn off safe mode on Android smartphones and tablets.

What does Safe Mode Do on Android?

Turning on Safe mode will indicate the issues with third-party apps if any. It will specify the problem creating software. You can make necessary modifications or even uninstall the programs to get rid of the issues. Safe mode will not fix any issues. Instead, it will help you diagnose the issues.

Turning On the Safe Mode on AndroidOS

You can enable Safe mode on Android in two different ways.

#1 Press and hold the Power Button on your smartphone.

Android Power Off

#2 Tap the “Power Off button. This will shut down your smartphone.

#3 Then press the hold the Power button until your smartphone logo appears.

#4 Once the logo appears, press and hold the volume up and down button simultaneously.

Safe Mode on Android

#5 Now, your smartphone will turn on, showing the Safe Mode indication on the bottom of the screen.

Alternative Way

In a few other models of Android mobile phone, you need to go for the following steps.

#1 Hold the Power Button on your Android phone.

#2 Press and hold the Power Off option.

Turn on Safe Mode on Android

#3 You will be asked whether to Reboot to Safe Mode. On clicking Okay, your AndroidOS will restart and open in Safe Mode.

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How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android Phone/Tablet

It is effortless to turn off the Safe Mode on Android tablets or phones. All you have to do is restart the device.

#1 Press and hold the Power Button on your Android mobile.

Restart Android

#2 Now tap the Restart or Reboot option on the list of available options.

#3 The device will turn off and on again automatically. When the smartphone turns on, you can find that the device is not on Safe mode anymore.

Our Point of View

The above procedure will be applicable for Android mobiles alone, not for any other devices. Safe Mode may prohibit your access to all third-party mobile applications. It will help you to find the problems with third-party mobile applications as well. In that case, you may uninstall all the problem causing applications.

Sometimes safe mode won’t turn off. In those times, you may need to Factory Reset your Android phone. Do let us know your opinions in the comment section below.