In PC keyboards, the availability of symbols and special characters is very minimal. When you count the special characters, close to 20 characters will be available on a standard keyboard. But, there are hundreds of special characters and symbols hidden in the PC keyboard. You can insert those hidden characters by using the Keyboard symbol shortcuts.

Using the Alt codes, you can get more than hundreds of special characters on your PC keyboard. When using Alt codes, you need to press and hold the Alt key. Ensure you press the correct num key combination.

For instance: The Alt code, Alt + 0153, gives the Trademark symbol. You need to press and hold the Alt key, press the keys 0,1,5,3, and release the Alt key. The trademark symbol will appear.

Keyboard Symbol Shortcuts

Keyboard Symbol Shortcuts: Alt Codes

We listed some of the important and frequently used keyboard symbol names and their alt code in the table below. Use the respective Alt codes on Windows or Mac PC.

Symbol NameSymbolAlt Code in WindowsAlt Code in Mac
Copyright©Alt + 0169Options + 0169
TrademarkAlt + 0153Options + 0153
Registered®Alt + 0174Options + 0174
Plus or Minus±Alt + 241Options + 0241
Quarter¼Alt + 0188Options + 0188
Half½Alt + 0189Options + 0189
Three Quarters¾Alt + 0190Options + 0190
Degree°Alt + 248Options + 248
InfinityAlt + 2368Options + 2368
Square RootAlt + 251Options + 251
PiπAlt + 227Options + 227
Pound£Alt + 156Options + 156
Dollar$Alt + 36Options + 36
EuroAlt + 0128Options + 0128
Cent¢Alt + 155Options + 155
Yen¥Alt + 157Options + 157
Three DotsAlt + 0133Options + 0133
DaggerAlt + 0134Options + 0134
ParagraphAlt + 0182Options + 0182
Down Question Mark¿Alt + 0191Options + 0191
MicroµAlt + 0181Options + 0181

Note: The Alt codes will work on the Numpad keys. Make sure that you turned on the Num Lock on your keyboard.

Mac Keyboard

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For keyboards that don’t have the Numpad, you can press the hold the Fn key and then press the numbers in the alphanumeric keyboard.

These are important alt codes that you may need while writing a document. Memorize the Alt code for the symbol you use frequently and avoid copy-paste of symbols. If you want to know the Alt code for any specific symbol, mention that symbol in the comments section and we will tell you the exact Alt code.