Google Photos is an all-in-one place to store all the digital media like photos and videos. With 15GB of free space, it is used as the best cloud backup tool. There are lots of impressive features Google Photos has like powerful search, Google lens, etc. Since it has a bright white interface, a lot of times, users prefer optimizing it. Hence users look for ways to use it in a dark theme. Because dark mode is considered to be better on eyes when in a low light environment. Also, the screen brightness gets optimized and hence reduces the eye strain. Unfortunately, Google Photos dark mode or dark theme support, and this section covers the workaround you can follow until the official dark mode support.

How to Turn On Google Photos Dark Mode?

Google Photos app has no official support of dark themes. So, only those devices with built-in dark mode can use Google Photos in dark themes. Currently, you shall use the dark theme on Google Photos using

  • Pixel Phone
  • Android Phone (Android 9)
  • iOS (iOS 13)

Google Photos Dark Mode from Pixel Phone

Pixel smartphones have a system-wide night-mode option. With this, you will be able to enable the dark theme on Google Photos.

1. Unlock Pixel phone and navigate to Settings section of the device.

2. Choose Display and click on the Device theme option from the bottom.

Device Theme - Google Photos Dark Mode

3. Make a tap on Dark radio button on Device theme pop-up.

Select Dark - Google Photos Dark Mode

4. Launch Google Photos from the apps column to use its interface in a dark theme.

Google Photos Dark Mode on Android

This section cover instruction to turn on a dark theme on non-pixel or Android devices using the developer option.

1. On your Android 9 or later Settings, choose About.

2. Click Build Number option for about Seven times.

3. When Developer mode is enabled, you will see a message on the screen.

4. Get back to Settings and choose System.

System - Google Photos Dark Mode

5. Tap on the Night Mode option and on the Set Night Mode pop-up, click Always on.

Always On

6. When you launch the Google Photos app from the apps column, it will be available in a dark theme.

Google Photos Dark Theme on iPhone

With iOS 13, iPhone gets a system-wide dark mode. With this, the Google Photos app can be accessed in the dark theme as well.

1. Open iOS Settings to select Display & Brightness option.

Display and Brightness

2. Click on Dark check-in box next to Light.

Choose Dark - Google Photos Dark Mode

3. Now, open Google Photos app and it will be available in dark theme.

Note: Those with iOS 12 and below needs to update the iPhone to iOS 13 to use the system-wide dark theme. Only then you will be able to access Google Photos in dark theme.

Hope this section has been useful to you in enabling the dark mode on Google Photos. For any queries, you shall leave a comment below.