Roku is a famous streaming device that offers thousands of movies and TV shows on streaming apps. By default, there are some pre-installed apps on Roku devices. If you want to add any channels manually, you can do it. There are different Roku devices available, to name a few Roku Ultra, Roku Express, Roku Premiere, and Roku Streaming Stick. Roku TV is also available, which runs on Roku OS. However, you can follow the common procedure to add channels in all the models. This article provides you different ways to add channels on Roku devices. Let’s discuss in detail to add channels on Roku from the Roku Channel Store, Smartphone, and Roku website.

How to Add channels to Roku from Channel Store

Note: This is the easiest way to add channels on Roku.

1. From your Roku Home screen, go to Streaming Channels.

click on Streaming Channels

2. Now, you can get the channels under many categories or click on Search Channels to add your favourite channel from the Roku Channel Store.

select the channel under categories

3. When you get your channel from the search result, click on the channel icon.

click on Search channels to add channel to Roku

4. On the right side, you will get a small description of the selected channel.

you will get small description about the selected channel

5. Then, click on Add channel to install the particular channel on your Roku device or Roku TV.

Click on Add channel

6. Your channel will start to install on your Roku device.

7. Once your channel is added, you will receive a Channel added pop-up. Click OK.

you will receive channel added pop up

8. On the right side, you will get three options, Go to channel, Remove Channel, and My rating.

click on Go to channel to add channel to Roku

9. If you want to launch the app as soon as installed, click on Go to Channel. If you want to uninstall, click on Remove channel. And you can also rate the channel by clicking on My rating.

10. Now, you can find your added channel on the home menu under My Channels.

find the added under channels

How to Add channels to Roku from Roku Mobile App

You can add channels to Roku using the Roku mobile app. It is available for free on Android and iOS devices. The Roku app is available only in selected countries.

Note: Before going to the steps, update your Roku device to the latest version because the Roku app may not work in older versions.

1. Install the Roku app on your iOS from the App Store or Android from the Play Store.

2. Launch the Roku app and log in with the account that you have used on your Roku TV or device.

3. Select Channels from the bottom menu.

click on Channels to add channel to Roku

4. Next, choose any category or use the Search Channels option to search for the app.

5. Then, select the channel which you want to add on Roku.

6. On the next screen, click on the Add channel button.

click on Add channel to add channel to Roku

7. You will receive the Syncing channels screen.

your channel will sync

8. If you have set a security PIN to add the channel, enter the PIN. And if it is a paid app, follow the instructions to add the channel.

9. Now, you can find the added channel on your Roku device.

How to Add channels to Roku TV from Roku Website

1. Go to the Roku online channel store at

2. Login with your Roku account, which you have used on the Roku device.

3. Browse on channel categories or search for the channels.

4. Once you found the channel, click on +Add channel.

click on + Add channel to add channels on Roku

5. The channel will be added, and you can see that on your Roku device.

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Wrapping Up

Apart from the methods given here, you can also add Private Channels with the channel code on the Roku device. Using this guide, you can add any channels to your Roku device. There are Roku Short menus available, and learn the shortcuts to have quick access on Roku. If you have any doubt, make use of the comment section below.