While purchasing a Smart TV, people would love to add their favorite apps on TV. Nearly all the Smart TVs let you download your apps. However, Vizio Smart TV has stopped downloading support in 2016 with the introduction of the Smartcast platform. It uses Chromecast and Airplay technology to stream different kinds of media. Then, how to add apps on Vizio Smart TV? Here is the guide to show you the detailed procedure.

How to Add Apps on Vizio Smart TV?

There are two types of Vizio Smart TVs. You have to follow different methods to add apps on each type of TV:

  1. Vizio Smartcast TV
  2. VIA or VIA Plus TV

Adding Apps on Vizio Smartcast TV

Vizio Smartcast HD and 4K UHD TVs don’t have built-in app store support to download apps. Instead, it comes with SmartCast app compatibility, which gives you access to a few pre-installed apps. Apart from those apps, you can also watch other content on your Vizio Smart TV with the help of Chromecast compatible apps on your Android or iOS device. Visit this Google page to find compatible apps.

1. Connect your Android or iOS device, and Smartcast enabled Vizio TV to the same network.

2. Open the respective app store on your device and download the casting enabled app that isn’t available on your Smartcast TV.

3. Once downloaded, launch it and go through the sign-in process (if available).

4. With both devices connected on the same network, you can see the cast icon on the app screen.

How to Add Apps on Vizio Smart TV

5. Select the icon and select your Vizio Smartcast TV.

6. Now, play the media content that you want, and it will appear on the TV.

Adding Apps on VIA or VIA Plus TV

Unlike the Smartcast TVs, VIA and VIA Plus TVs have a built-in app store to download the apps.

1. Launch App Store on your Vizio TV. A simple press on the V button of your remote will launch the store.

Remote of VIA TV

2. Find your desired app by going through the categories or by using the search bar.

3. Select Install and add the app on your TV.

The above are the two methods to add apps on Vizio Smart TV. If you are also using a Samsung TV, then try to add apps on Samsung Smart TV as well.

Is it possible to add apps on Vizio Smart TV using USB?

No. It is impossible to install apps on Vizio Smart TVs using a USB. Since it doesn’t run on Android OS, you can’t sideload the apk version on your TV with the help of a USB. However, you play all kinds of media files that you store on your USB device.

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