Google Cast is a helpful feature with which you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows on big screens like Smart TV from your mobile. We all know that Roku is one of the popular streaming devices to stream various media content. And it lets us add a lot of streaming channels from the Roku Channel Store. Now, many of us have a doubt that can we cast to Roku? If you are one among them, then the answer is Yes. You can cast the media content from Chromecast compatible apps, or else you can screen mirror your device and watch the movies and TV shows on your Roku device. If you are interested to know how to cast to Roku, proceed with the below section of this guide.

What is Casting and Screen Mirroring

In general, casting and screen mirroring are almost the same. There are a lot of apps available with in-built Chromecast features on mobile and PC like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more. On those apps, you just have to click the cast icon to watch the media content on the big screen. Further, you can use your device as a remote to use playback control.

If the apps are not compatible with the Chromecast feature, you have to screen mirror your whole device to your streaming device to watch the content. Here also you can control the play with your mobile device.

How to Setup Screen Mirroring on Roku [Preliminary Requirements]

Before you cast to Roku, you have to enable screen mirroring on your Roku device. To do so, follow the steps given below.

1. First, turn on your Roku device and navigate to Settings.

2. From the list of options, select System and highlight Screen Mirroring.

3. Choose Screen mirroring mode.

4. Further, select between Prompt or Always allow or Never allow.

set up screen mirroring on Roku
  • Prompt – You will get a prompt on your Roku device when a screen mirroring request comes.
  • Always Allow – Without any prompt, casting will be done.
  • Never Allow – Screen mirroring will be blocked without any prompt.

How to Cast to Roku

You can cast to Roku in two ways.

  • From Smartphone
  • From PC

Steps to Cast to Roku from Android and iOS

1. First, connect your smartphone and Roku device under the same internet connection.

2. Download and install the app from which you want to cast the content from App Store and Play Store.

3. Further, click the Cast icon from the top corner of the screen. Sometimes you will get to see the cast icon when you play a video.

4. Next, from the list of available devices, select your Roku TV device.

click the cast icon to cast to roku

5. Now, the app will be cast on your Roku device, and you can proceed to watch the media content.

Steps to Cast to Roku from PC

1. Launch Action Center on your Windows PC and choose Connect option.

click on connect on the PC

2. When the list of wireless displays is made available, select the Roku device name.

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Try This Way!

1. Launch Google Chrome on your PC and visit the website or open the media file from where you want to stream the content.

2. Now, right-click anywhere on the screen and select Cast.

click cast from the menu

3. Further, select the Roku device name to connect.

How to Screen Mirror to Roku using Play on Roku

1. Launch Roku mobile app on your smartphone.

2. From the bottom of the screen, click the Photos+ icon.

3. Choose the Play on Roku option to launch it.

click play on roku to cast to roku

4. Further, select and play any media file to watch on your Roku device.

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Final Thoughts

Casting makes your work simpler. You can cast the app to your Roku-connected TV and operate it from your mobile. Here, we have explained to you all the possible ways to cast to the Roku device. Let us know how much this article was helpful to you from the comments section.